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The first day of fighting in Karabakh: both sides of the conflict posted footage of the clashes

The first day of fighting in Karabakh: both sides of the conflict posted footage of the clashes
The new aggravation of the Karabakh conflict is accompanied by the demonstration by both sides of a number of photos- and video. Let's try to accumulate them in this publication., to try to reflect the nature and scale of the collisions.

Karabakh resources published several video materials, which depict the defeat of various armored vehicles of the Azerbaijani army: T-72, BMP-2/3 infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers BTR-82, engineering vehicles clearing IMR-2.

Apparently, the greatest losses so far Azerbaijani troops have suffered during the battle among the hills. As you might guess, after the fall of the Mi-8 helicopter, a convoy of armored vehicles was sent for the rescue operation. Apparently, she was ambushed and destroyed.

Baku publishes a variety of videos, taken from drones, what speaks about their wide distribution among the troops. One of them demonstrates defeat “entrenched” enemy armored vehicles, apparently, fire ATGM: anti-tank missile trace is visible.

is approved, that the Armenian troops could not withstand the offensive onslaught and left their positions, leaving combat vehicles on the battlefield.

Another UAV video captured the destruction of an ammunition depot in infrared.. allegedly, the blow was delivered from a Bayraktar TB2 drone. UAV data have recently been actively purchased in Turkey.

Baku declares effective work on enemy anti-aircraft missile systems. Despite entrenching and disguising, they become easy targets, being "exposed" by drones. The work of the UAV Bayraktar TB2 on the Osa-AKM air defense system hit the video.

According to Yerevan, air defense successfully combats enemy drones. One of them was, presumably, shot down near Stepanakert.

That said, be careful when examining losses.. According to a number of experts, both sides give out the same frames with damaged equipment for their success. The situation with the damaged Mi-8 is not completely clear.. Although Baku admitted the loss of the rotorcraft, in a number of photos, published by Armenian resources, according to some observers, the landing gear of the An-2.

In general, the situation may be complicated by attracting more powerful weapons.. So, reported about the transfer by the Armenian side to the combat zone of the "Smerch" MLRS.

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