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Croatian media resource presented the scenario of "possible capture of Scandinavia by Russia"

Croatian media resource presented the script «possible capture of Scandinavia by Russia»
of course, the Russian leadership does not dream of capturing the Scandinavian countries. But to consider such a scenario purely hypothetically nothing prevents.

So did the Croatian YouTube channel Binkov's Battlegrounds..

The authors made a video, where they outlined their vision of the scenario of the war of Russia against the countries of Northern Europe. And although the Finns are not Scandinavians, they were also included in the general "Scandinavian coalition". Sweden is also included., Norway and Denmark.

The scenario assumes, that third countries will not interfere in the conflict, and the war will start suddenly. Naturally, ruled out the use of nuclear weapons. the, that Russia is represented as the aggressor, received, taken for granted – at least, for the authors themselves.

so, “first hit” will take over Finland. Other countries will try to send reinforcements, and Russia will interfere with this.

The authors consider, that the Scandinavians have more advanced aviation, but outdated air defense forces. Also noted is the higher quality of the ground forces reserve. Russian reservists are worse prepared, than in the Scandinavian countries.

But the Russian Federation has a significant advantage in manpower and military equipment.. This will allow, as stated in the video, troops to defeat the Scandinavian coalition and capture Scandinavia. Of course, “while the Russians will suffer significant losses”.

The video shows the ratio of forces and means “parties to the alleged military conflict”.

The authors of the military script have worked out many details, but somehow missed the most important thing. totally incomprehensible, why Russia suddenly needs to seize Scandinavia? And if it doesn't make any sense, then why do we need this forecast…

It can be assumed, that the purpose of the "research" is to create another "horror story" about the "Russian military threat" for an ordinary European man in the street. Especially against the backdrop of a clear desire by NATO to involve Sweden and Finland, who are still proclaiming military neutrality.

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