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U.S. protests: the American police were caught in the middle

U.S. protests: the American police were caught in the middle
Mass protests continue in the US in connection with the death of African American Breona Taylor. She was shot by police during a search in her own apartment in early summer.

Like the famous George Floyd, with the death of which mass unrest began in most states, Breona was African American. The girl died by accident: the police came to search her boyfriend, but he, thinking, that the robbers came, opened fire. Shootout began, Breona was accidentally shot by police officers. So the protesters have another "martyr".

Demonstrations against police violence and racism take place in New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Dallas and many other American cities. The same message: the country's authorities are racists, the police are racists, African Americans need to apologize on their knees.

The actions of the protesters are actively supported by many stars of American show business and sports., as well as the left wing of the US Democratic Party, for whom mass protests are a reason for a more decisive confrontation with Donald Trump. All the forces of the American media were thrown into the promotion of the so-called. Black Lives Matter movement, whose entire ideological platform, in fact, boils down to the veiled "racism of the oppressed", moreover, in some cases, BLM activists do not hide their true attitude towards the Caucasian population of the United States and the planet as a whole.

by the way, the authorities themselves react to the speeches, causing colossal damage to the country's economy, pretty calm. Furthermore, during clashes at mass demonstrations, the police themselves often suffer. for example, in Louisville, Kentucky, two police officers were shot. And this is not the only such case..

Of course, in many cases the police use rubber truncheons, tear gas, airsoft guns, but compared to the actions of the protesters, these are pretty loyal methods. In the same African countries, security forces would simply shoot protesters with firearms.. As a result, American police are caught between two fires.: one side, they are required to act and disperse especially zealous rioters, on the other hand, the left-liberal community demands an end to the violence.

For some reason, the troubles and problems of the American police themselves are being forgotten.: the wave of leftist hysteria reaches the point, that some "hotheads" generally demand that the existing police be disbanded. What in return, it is not clear - it is not from gangsters and drug dealers to form an alternative power structure? This approach is devastating to the entire American police system.: the cops don't know now, what else can they expect from the so-called. "The public", what other "knife in the back" they will be stabbed by politicians from the ranks of the Democratic Party.

U.S. protests: the American police were caught in the middle
White people also serve in the US Police, and black americans
In the same time, must not, of course, ignore the fact that many police officers are prejudiced against African Americans. But this position has evolved historically. Generation after generation of American police officers have learned firsthand, that a significant proportion of street crime in the United States is from African American areas. Social deprivation, poverty, lack of education, antisocial attitudes learned from childhood push millions of black people in the United States on the path of criminal activity. This is a fact and you can't argue with it.. And those African Americans are well aware of this., who serves in the police or other US security forces.

But the American elite instead, to solve the existing problem of social inequality, which still has racial overtones, it is much more convenient to abstract from it, and when the situation reaches a critical point, pushing blacks and police. At the same time, tough methods of influence are used against the former., the latter are accused of racism and violence.

The solution to the problem lies not in the area of ​​police reform, or even in the direction of further combating racism., and in the plane of social transformation of the entire American system. But the financial and political elites of the United States do not need such a transformation., at least, now.

Author:Ilya Polonsky
used photos:Twitter / New York City Police Dept.

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