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The European Union rejects the "unjustified" retaliatory sanctions of Russia

EU rejects «unjustified» Russian retaliatory sanctions
European Union rejects Russian sanctions, introduced in response to EU restrictive measures and considers them (sanctions) unjustified. This was stated by EU spokesman Peter Stano.

We reject these retaliatory sanctions, declared by Russia, as well as other retaliatory Russian sanctions, in particular in the agricultural sector, because they are unjustified
– quotes RIA Novosti statement of the European diplomat.

Stano stressed, that European sanctions against Russia “are targeted and comply with international law”. Besides, the inclusion of Russian citizens and organizations in the sanctions list occurs “based on clear criteria and legally sound evidence”. EU sanctions are aimed “to change certain behavior of Russia”.

Russian sanctions do not meet these criteria., and unknown, who are they against and why.

We were not informed, to whom exactly and how many EU citizens will be subject to these measures. (…) We were not informed, why the Russian Federation took these measures
– Stano said.

On the eve of the Russian Foreign Ministry mirrored the response to the imposed EU sanctions against Russian citizens and organizations, expanding the list of EU citizens prohibited from entering. The number of European citizens brought to parity with the list of the European Union, noted the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

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