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The US Navy begins to publish documents on the death of the submarine Thresher

The US Navy begins to publish documents on the death of the submarine Thresher
Yesterday, the US Navy began publishing documents, dedicated to investigating the deadliest submarine disaster in American history. The reason for the publication of these materials was the court decision on the claim of retired naval officer James Bryant, who declared his legal right to have access to documents.

This was written by David Sharp in the article, published by the Associated Press.

Of 1700 investigation pages, which will eventually be published in full, unveiled the first 300. According to representatives of the US Navy, nothing new docs, presented on Wednesday, do not open. They include the chronology of the submarine sinking., evidence lists, reports, witness statements and various official correspondence. true, can be seen, that the documents were later amended.

Submarine USS Thresher sank 10 April 1963 of the year. She was the first in her series. Its main advantages over its predecessors, operating during the Second World War, was high speed and the ability to dive to great depths.

There are several versions of the reasons for the death of the submarine. The official version says, that the accident was due to a leak from the seawater pipeline, designed to cool the reactor. A crack in the pipe caused water to enter the wiring in the engine room and short circuit, shutdown. As a result, the boat sank below the maximum depth, and her body burst, unable to withstand high pressure. The submarine was torn into six fragments and scattered in a radius 300 m.

The loss of the latest nuclear submarine and the death of all 129 human, on board, during a test dive to extreme depth at the height of the Cold War, dealt a blow to US national pride and became the impetus for strengthening security measures in the US Navy.

After the death of the submarine, the type of submarines "Thrasher" was renamed, calling it "Permit", like the next ship in this series. An investigation into the accident revealed a large number of flaws in the design of these submarines., therefore decided to suspend commissioning 31 new submarine of this type.

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