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Klintsevich predicted the consequences of Lukashenka's inauguration

Klintsevich predicted the consequences of Lukashenka's inauguration

Russian politician Franc Klinčević predicted the consequences of the inauguration of the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko. Earlier it was reported, that Alyaksandr Lukashenka officially took office in Minsk, the ceremony was not announced in advance. About, how was the inauguration procedure at the Minsk Palace of Independence, BelTA informs.

"Putting his right hand on the Constitution, Alexander Lukashenko took the oath of office in Belarusian. Then he signed the oath deed, after which the chairman of the Central Election Commission of Belarus Lydia Yermoshina presented to Alexander Lukashenko a certificate of the President of the Republic of Belarus ", - said in a statement.

The ceremony was attended by hundreds of people: Belarusian politicians, deputies, representatives of state media, scientists, culture and sports.

Famous Russian politician, ex-senator Franz Klintsevich commented on the information about the inauguration of Alexander Lukashenko. According to the interlocutor Federal News Agency, West is not interested, so that order comes in Belarus, since this country is part of the western project "Anti-Russia".

“The inauguration was held within the timeframes established by the law of Belarus, the legality of the election of Alexander Lukashenko confirmed by the Belarusian CEC. In this way, he is the legally elected president, - noted Klintsevich in the comments to FAN. - As for the unrest, that happen there, then they are controlled by those forces in the West, who launched this mechanism. For the West and Ukraine, and Belarus, - in fact - a single project, which can be called "Anti-Russia". And the West does not intend to part with this project. They have a lot of money, they will "hammer" at this point and further, including in Belarus. This is my prediction, Unfortunately".

Klintsevich predicted the consequences of Lukashenka's inauguration

According Klintsevich, in this situation, the Belarusian authorities need to be patient, work with people, explain, who is really behind the protests, but at the same time listen and hear your citizens.

"And you, who violates the current legislation of Belarus and conducts subversive work, naturally, must answer in accordance with the law, - emphasized Klintsevich. - Otherwise, if the Belarusian authorities give slack, will be like in Ukraine, where the agents of Western influence came to power. It was they who launched this "ice rink". Thank God, in Belarus they understand this, chances of victory in the collective West and their paid scumbags, in my opinion, no in the country ", - stressed Franc Klinčević.

Presidential elections in Belarus took place 9 August, on them, according to the Belarusian CEC, current president Alexander Lukashenko scored more 80% votes. After the country began (and still continue) protests, that, according to the official Minsk, inspired by the West, primarily Lithuania and Poland. Russia demands from Western countries to stop interfering in the internal affairs of Belarus.

Author: Irina Petrova

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