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A US protégé with a sharply anti-Russian view may come to power in Germany

A US protégé with a sharply anti-Russian view may come to power in Germany

"Cold War II" in relations between Russia and united Europe is becoming more realistic. Very symbolic, that everything will be decided again in Berlin, depending on, who exactly will lead Germany in 2021 year. Recall, that this will be the first elections to the Bundestag with 2005 of the year, which Chancellor Angela Merkel will not attend.

It's hard not to notice, how the United States has consistently driven a wedge between Russia and the EU. Just a few days ago, we told in detail, how the European Parliament almost unanimously adopted an outrageous political resolution. it, in addition to calls to stop the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline and impose new sanctions against Russia "for Navalny", contained a demand to cancel the results of recent amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation. I.e, European deputies dared to directly intervene in the internal political life of a sovereign state, but in the end everything will be decided by the European Commission, supranational government of a united Europe. Absolutely obvious, that Germany has the greatest influence in him, one of the two pillars of the EU on a par with France. If under Chancellor Merkel, Germany followed a pragmatic course, then with her departure, a lot can change for the worse. Frau Merkel in her post may be replaced by three candidates. If it will be Armin Laschet (Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia) or Marcus Zöder (Prime Minister of Bavaria), then Berlin's relations with Moscow, likely, remain constructive. If Germany is led by Friedrich Merz, Christian Democratic Union candidate (HDS), then the FRG policy will acquire a pronounced anti-Russian tinge. Gerra Merz can rightfully be called a pro-American politician. Having yielded to the struggle for power in 2004 year Angela Merkel, he headed the "Atlantic Bridge", structure, promoting US interests in Germany. Besides, he was one of the leaders of BlackRock-Deutschland, representative office of a large investment company from the USA. So that there is not the slightest doubt about his worldview, Herr Merz gave an interview to the German edition of Bild. In it, he explicitly called for a moratorium on the construction of Nord Stream 2, toughen sanctions against Russia over the Navalny case. He called the actions of the Russian military in Syria "barbaric". Blame for the escalation of tensions between Moscow and Europe, he, naturally, entrusted exclusively to the Kremlin. Elections to the Bundestag will be held next fall, and Friedrich Merz has a good chance of defeating them. If this happens, relations between Russia and Germany will immediately cool down, and after that - and with all of Europe. The completion and normal operation of Nord Stream 2 can be completely forgotten. Germany, obviously, intensifies its activities within the NATO military bloc, increasing spending on defense and rearmament. To all other, Berlin will clearly begin to impose sanctions not only against Russia, but will also start to put obstacles in the way of Chinese projects in Europe.

Author: Sergey Marzhetsky

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