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Norfolk shipyard sues US Navy over USS Bataan

Norfolk shipyard sues US Navy over USS Bataan
It became known, that the Norfolk shipyard filed a lawsuit against the US Navy in a United States federal court.

Shipyard representatives report, that the command of the Navy refuses to pay for the work, carried out on the landing ship USS Bataan (LHD-5). This ship once featured in scandalous reports: The US used it as a prison ship, which held terrorism suspects without trial.

allegedly, in the US Navy announced dissatisfaction with the performance of the contract by the contractor. In response to this, the contractor provides data from independent experts., that, in his opinion, have to prove, that all work carried out at the BAE Systems NSR shipyard corresponds to the order.

The claim indicates the amount, which the shipyard intends to sue from the US Navy. it is about 1,2 million dollars.

The essence of the order was as follows: "To update and improve the military-technical capabilities of the landing ship". At the same time, the Navy began to make additional requirements already as the contract was completed by the shipyard.. The shipyard celebrates, that they made adjustments to the ongoing repair measures, but in the end, the Navy refused to pay for repairs.

The Navy is fending off, Expressing, what came to this, since the shipyard did not fulfill its obligations on time.

Now expected, that the dispute between the shipyard and the naval forces may be prolonged due to the appointment of additional legal and technical expertise, which will take more than time, but also substantial funds. These funds will have to be paid to the other side, who will lose the case.

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