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Lavrov at the session of the UN General Assembly: The world is tired of dividing states into "us" and "foes"

Lavrov at the session of the UN General Assembly: The world is tired of dividing states into «own» and «strangers»
Russian Foreign Minister spoke at the General Assembly session (GA) UN Officials. At the same time, Sergey Lavrov's video message was made not only on behalf of the Russian representation in the organization, but also on behalf of the countries of the Collective Security Treaty Organization.

According to Sergei Lavrov, the world is about to change, who could reverse the negative situation. The head of the Russian Foreign Ministry noted the fatigue of the world community from the endless dividing barriers, wars and armed conflicts, from the growth of the scale of world crime.

According to Lavrov, the negativity is added by the coronavirus pandemic, requiring increased joint efforts to overcome it.
Head of Russian diplomacy:

Today, armed conflicts continue to rage in many countries, added such threats of modernity as international terrorism, drug- and cybercrime, changing of the climate. The world faces a new threat this year - the coronavirus pandemic, which provoked crisis phenomena, including in the socio-economic sphere.
According to Sergei Lavrov, it becomes more and more difficult to cope with crisis phenomena, and this is due to the fact, that the world is implanting a "special world order" by some states without taking into account the interests of other states. Sergey Lavrov said, that there is an artificial imposition of values, standards, endless sanctions, manifestation of intolerance and hatred.

At the same time, the Russian minister added, that the natural course of history cannot be reversed, and noted the absurdity of attempts to rewrite history:

Today, new centers of economic growth are strengthening in the international arena, there is a growing need to resolve armed conflicts by peaceful means, increasing interdependence. The world is tired of dividing states into "us" and "foes", it requires building up all-round mutual assistance and cooperation. In other words, goals, formulated 75 years ago at the creation of the UN, become more and more relevant.

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