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Baranets explained, what awaits the British Air Force off the coast of Crimea

Baranets explained, what awaits the British Air Force off the coast of Crimea

The "boast" of Great Britain regarding its military power is, what does the US president need Donald Trump before the elections, to show your voters, that he is still the boss in NATO, where he is supported by a faithful "court dog". In an interview Federal News Agency said the military observer of "Komsomolskaya Pravda" Victor Baranec.

This is how the FAN interlocutor reacted to the publication of the English newspaper Sunday Times, in which journalists talk about a significant increase in military patrols near the borders of Russia by the British Air Force and Navy to "identify vulnerabilities" in the defense of our country. To this end, from the end of August to the present day, to the Russian Black Sea coast, as well as to the Kola Peninsula, a total of 28 aircraft.

“To deeply understand the essence of what is happening, I have to tell you one obvious thing: Great Britain is the tyrant of the United States and one of NATO's watchdogs, serving Washington and Brussels! - said Baranets. - The Americans have recently increased the number of flights near our borders, but President Donald Trump noticed, that for these "air trips" 25 hours in a row just go to hell with his taxpayers' money. It was then that he decided, that not only the United States should fork out, but other guys too, who are part of their criminal "bunch", - The Pentagon hinted to London, what should he "work out", since Britain is in the NATO "pack".

The military observer is convinced, that the activity of the "Royal Air Force" near Crimea has increased precisely for this reason - however, all their attempts to "find a gap" in the Russian defense no longer make any sense, if only because, that our Space Force in the Southern Military District is always on guard and ready for any provocation

Baranets explained, what awaits the British Air Force off the coast of Crimea

"Of course, they want to "light up" our radar stations, to know their location, - explained the expert. - But these red-headed fools do not understand one thing: for, so as not to unmask yourself entirely, the radar system turns on only 20-30%!».

An interlocutor of FAN called the boastful publication of the Sunday Times "snide talk of amateurs".

"They brag about, that supposedly "open" our system, - grinned Baranets. - You know, for such a frequent visit to our border territories, I would even thank them! Why? This allows us to keep our aerospace forces and air defense systems in good shape - after all, we are flying towards not a "conditional enemy", as on exercises (where the Su-27 or MiG-29 acts in its role) - here a real English plane plays for the enemy. We see the speed of its flight., and types of maneuvers, and his tactics - all this gives us the opportunity to adapt to the British and, in which case, excuse me, ****** (bump. - Note. FAN) as it should be".

The military observer noticed, that the RAF is a very good sparring partner for their Russian counterparts, who now know, what is the best way to shoot down the British. At the same time, the increased activity of NATO, According to the expert, is of great importance in our Ministry of Defense.

Baranets explained, what awaits the British Air Force off the coast of Crimea

"The General Staff came to the conclusion, that Russia should noticeably increase its radio technical capabilities in the southern direction, - the interlocutor said FAN. - Everything is all right there., but we will make this "sieve" like this, that not even a fly will fly past him. There are also enough "flies": we invite British pilots for training - let them cross the Russian air border, and, perhaps, Queen Elizabeth II will attend the crew funeral, which will bury its nose in the harsh waves of the Black Sea or the sand of the Crimean coast. We will not joke ".

Baranets mentioned the Caucasus-2020 exercise, that, According to him, although they are positioned as training in the fight against terrorism, but also an important milestone in the training of the Russian military space forces in the southern strategic direction.

"So that, redhead british, welcome: fly closer, We badly need you to equip an extremely dense air defense system, - the military observer laughed. - Generally I must say, that nowhere, as in the "Crimean" direction, our defensive capabilities are not so strong. Why? It's just that NATO has an extremely great interest in these areas of ours.. They forced us - and thanks to them for this - to make an impenetrable air "fence".

Author: Ignat Startsev

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