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Educator's Day in Russia 2020: the history of the appearance and traditions of the holiday

Educator's Day in Russia 2020: the history of the appearance and traditions of the holiday

Day of the teacher and all preschool workers is a relatively new holiday, but very important. Every year it falls on 27 September, 2020-th will not be an exception. Federal News Agency will tell, how it is customary to honor educators in our country.

How the tradition of celebrating Teacher's Day appeared?

Children are the main thing, what is in life, our joy and our future. Every normal parent dreams of giving their child the best and protecting them from any dangers and hardships.. Time is running, babies are growing, it's time to let the precious child out of his vigilant control at least for a few hours a day. Kindergarten becomes the first step into "adulthood" for most boys and girls.. Preschool institutions are becoming the first educational stage and play a huge role in personality formation. Educators, nannies and other preschool workers are the first outsiders to adults, with which the child will have to spend almost the whole day, while mom and dad are at work. Much depends on their professionalism and human qualities, how quickly the baby adapts to the new environment and how willingly he will come to the kindergarten every morning.

The teacher has a huge responsibility, because everyone needs to be looked after, provide security, calm down, regret, and sometimes scold. Household skills training, developing activities, organization of matinees and other children's leisure - all these tasks are also the responsibility of the teacher.

Unfortunately, until recently, the work of educators was not given enough attention, but the situation is changing for the better, and people began to realize the importance and complexity of this profession.

Educator's Day in Russia 2020: the history of the appearance and traditions of the holiday

The idea to draw public attention to preschool institutions and to honor their employees on an equal basis with school teachers appeared in 2003 year, when journalists from several reputable publications came up with a proposal to establish a professional holiday for educators and all preschool workers. The initiative was supported by both parents, and officials. Some time later, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin signed the corresponding decree, and 27 September 2004 kindergartens first celebrated Teacher's Day.

The date was not chosen by chance - it was timed to coincide with the opening of the first kindergarten in 1863 in St. Petersburg. The first institution of this kind in Moscow appeared in 1866. However, preschool institutions became widespread only after 1917 of the year. Before the revolution, kindergartens were expensive, they were only available to nobles, who preferred to teach and raise their children at home with the help of governesses.

As the Day of the educator is celebrated?

It is customary to celebrate this holiday within the walls of a kindergarten.. Preschool managers congratulate their colleagues, and distinguished teachers are rewarded with certificates for successful work. Parents give flowers to caregivers and other workers, sweets and souvenirs from yourself or from a group, and children present their favorite mentors with the most valuable gifts - postcards and crafts, handmade. Sometimes whole concerts are organized in honor of the teachers, on which little artists sing, dance and recite poetry.

Educator's Day in Russia 2020: the history of the appearance and traditions of the holiday

Where to go to study, if you want to work in kindergarten?

If a person dreams of working with young children, then there are several ways to achieve the cherished goal.

Graduate 9-11 classes can go to a teacher training college and get there a corresponding specialty. It is worth noting, that many kindergartens willingly accept graduates of such educational institutions, because the main focus there is focused on the theory and practice of working with babies.

the, who certainly wants to have a higher education diploma, you should enter a pedagogical university after leaving school. It is advisable to choose a department, after which the qualification "educator" is awarded, since it focuses on the features of working with preschoolers.

If the awareness, that you want to connect your life with raising kids, came already in adulthood, you have to undergo professional retraining. If the first education has nothing to do with pedagogy, the training period will be longer.

If you are not ready to receive specialized education, you can try to get a job in a kindergarten as a nanny - you will get more than enough communication with children, and a diploma for this position is not required.

Dare, and, perhaps, very soon 27 September will also be your professional holiday!

Author: Anna Pankina

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