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Ex-President of Poland: “If by winter there will be a jump of Belarus towards Europe, Russia will just turn off the tap ”

Ex-President of Poland: «If by winter there is a jump of Belarus towards Europe, Russia will just turn off the tap»
Former Polish President Lech Walesa gave advice to candidate Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, who lost the presidential elections in Belarus, who fled immediately after the elections to Lithuania. According to Walesa, at the moment Tikhanovskaya needs to organize and at the same time wait.


Organize and wait. Belarus must move towards a democratic Europe, but at the same time she cannot immediately refuse contacts with Russia.
According to the statement of the ex-president of Poland, while Europe is not ready to give Belarus any gas, no oil, nor electric in the required volumes.

Walesa in an interview with Polish media:

If by winter there is a jump towards Europe, then Russia will simply turn off the tap for Belarus. Therefore, I advise you to better prepare, including training of personnel decisions.
According to Lech Walesa, Tikhanovskaya today should know the "main thing" – “There is no Europe without Belarus, without Ukraine.


But let's take our time, otherwise we'll pay too high a price.
Walesa noted, that Tikhanovskaya today has a chance to hold free elections. But Mr. Walesa did not specify that, where Tikhanovskaya will conduct them - in Lithuania, where is now?

For reference: Lech Walesa served as President of Poland in 1990-1995 years, was the first head of the trade union “Solidarity”, which was used by Western intelligence services to withdraw Poland from the socialist system.

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