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The Czech Republic is modernizing the T-72M4CZ tanks in service

The Czech Republic is modernizing the T-72M4CZ tanks in service
The Czech Republic will not write off the T-72M4CZ tanks in service with the country's army and replace them with Western-made samples. According to Czech media, The Ministry of Defense of the country decided to modernize the entire fleet of T-72M4CZ tanks.

According to published information, upgrades will be 27 MBT T-72M4CZ, 3 command vehicles T-72M4CZ and 3 repair and recovery vehicles VT-72M4CZ. During the modernization, tanks will receive a new fire control system, the communication system will be replaced with modern samples. The Czech military department reported, that the modernization of tanks must go before 2025 of the year, and their service life will last at least until 2030 of the year.

celebrated, that all T-72M4CZ tanks remaining in service in the amount of 30 pcs. About a hundred more earlier versions of T-72 tanks are in storage, but they will not be upgraded, most likely these tanks will be decommissioned or sold. The decision on them has not yet been made.

AT 2017 year, the Czech Ministry of Defense announced plans to replace the T-72M4CZ tanks in service. Variants of the German Leopard were considered as a replacement. 2 and Israeli Sabra, which is a modernization of the outdated American tank M60AZ. These tanks, designated M60T Sabra, are in service with the Turkish army.. At the same time, plans were announced to purchase tanks at the expense of the EU defense fund., but apparently no funds were allocated for this.

T-72M4CZ - Czech modification of the Soviet main battle tank T-72M, which is an export version of the T-72A. The tank is equipped with the Italian TURMS-T fire control system., dynamic protection DYNA-72. The tank is equipped with a 1000-horsepower CV-12 turbocharged engine and automatic transmission in the form of a single monoblock. full speed – 61 kmh. Power reserve – 430 km.

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