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US deployed BMP Bradley to northeastern Syria

US deployed BMP Bradley to northeastern Syria
US-led international coalition deployed Bradley infantry fighting vehicles to northeastern Syria. This is stated in the statement of the official representative of the coalition Wayne Marotto.

according to the statement, military equipment was deployed to northeastern Syria due to the difficult situation. Where the equipment was delivered from is not reported, most likely from neighboring Iraq. The last time the Pentagon flew the Bradley BMP to Syria in October 2019 of the year. Then it was announced, that armored vehicles will help “defeat the remnants of IS (banned in Russia) and protect critical infrastructure”.

Mechanized infantry technology to help protect coalition forces in an increasingly complex environment in northeastern Syria. Coalition forces remain steadfast in their commitment to securing the ultimate victory over IS
– said Marotto.

Except BMP Bradley, a radar station was deployed to Syria “Sentinel”. This was announced by a representative of the Central Command of the US Armed Forces. (SENTCOM) Bill Urban. According to him, all this is done for “coalition security”.

Increased the frequency of air patrols over US forces. The United States does not seek conflict with any other country in Syria, but will defend the coalition forces, if necessary
– he added.

Earlier, US President Donald Trump said, that American troops left Syria and do not intend to return.

We left Syria, although I saved the oil.(…) And our troops guard the oil. And so we left Syria
– said Trump.

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