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"Mysterious helicopters": the US press raised questions about the coloring of the Mi-171Sh attack helicopters for China

«Mysterious helicopters»: the US press raised questions about the coloring of the Mi-171Sh attack helicopters for China
The American media published material, which tells about the supply of helicopters from Russia to China. Specifically, we are talking about the supply of Mi-171Sh rotorcraft from the Ulan-Ude plant for the People's Liberation Army of China.

Mi-171SH helicopters named "mysterious" in The Drive. What "mysterious" did the American author see in the assault modification of the Mi-8AMTSh helicopter?, which has been in operation for more than 10 years?

As it turned out, American journalist is "concerned" with the coloring of Russian helicopters for China, it was she who raised questions. He explains his attention to this technique as follows:

Subtle markings and 'tactical' light gray color scheme suggest, that a new batch of helicopters may have been acquired to fulfill any role in support of the PLA special operations forces or combat search and rescue operations (CSAR). PLA army aviation helicopters are usually painted dark green or green with a yellowish brown camouflage.

At the same time, it is suggested that, that a new batch of helicopters could be purchased for the PLA Navy (PLA Marine Corps), but it is added, what “there are no signs of a marine modification of these helicopters”.

of material:

previously it was assumed, what amphibious transport ship type 071 and the new UDC Type075 will be equipped with Chinese-made helicopters.
In the same material, another assumption is made.. In particular, states, that the coloring of helicopters for China may be due to the, that the command is going to send the rotorcraft to the disputed region of Ladakh - to the border with India. There, in high mountains, It is believed, gray coloring might be suitable for camouflage reasons.

TV report of China from the plant in Ulan-Ude:

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