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“We knew in advance, what and where to get " – political scientist Markov on the actions of Navalny's associates in a hotel room

«Knew in advance, what and where to get» - political scientist Markov on the actions of Navalny's associates in a hotel room
The version of the attempt of the Russian special services on the opposition leader Alexei Navalny with the help of the Novichok chemical warfare agent is falsified. She is falling apart before our eyes, if you start thinking logically.

Russian political scientist and public figure Sergei Markov wrote about this on his Facebook page last night..

He considers, that the picture described by Navalny's supporters is in conflict with elementary common sense and raises many questions. Especially suspicious is the fact, that the oppositionist's associates managed to take things from the oppositionist's room with traces of poison.

Unclear, as professionals from the Russian special services could, allegedly poisoned Navalny, leave in place all the evidence against yourself, although there was enough time to destroy traces.

Even if the "special agents" were negligent, the bottle with traces of poison should have been thrown away by the maid, or the police would take her away. But somehow they didn't do it.

Companions of Navalny took a bottle from the room, where the most dangerous poison was contained, but none of them suffered from poisoning. It also looks extremely strange.. In doing so, they took the evidence, to transfer them to German doctors even then, when there was no talk of transporting it to Germany, and there was still no information about his state of health. And for some reason, they decided to take the bottle from the room as evidence., and not things from the car of the oppositionist or from the place, where did he swim. As if they knew in advance, what and where to get.

Based on the above facts, Sergey Markov comes to the conclusion, that the evidence was taken by people, involved in the poisoning, to falsify the guilt of the Russian authorities:

From all this you can see, that the version of Navalny's poisoning “rookie” Russian special services, – outright lie. Only those who can support it, who hates Putin and the Russian government so much, that I am ready to support any lie and any falsification, just to hurt the Kremlin.

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