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Aviation warning fire will cool NATO fervor near Russian borders

Proposal to Allow Military Aviation to Conduct Bombs on the Course of Ships, violated the state border of the Russian Federation, becomes relevant against the background of recent events, I told ABF "Economics today» Associate Professor of the Department of Political Science and Sociology named after G.. AT. Plekhanov, member of the Expert Council "Officers of Russia" Alexander Perendzhiev.

Aviation warning fire will cool NATO fervor near Russian borders

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation made a proposal to allow military aviation to carry out bombing along the course of ships, violating the state border, in order to warn of the intention to use weapons to kill. According to the amendment to the law "On the state border of the Russian Federation" prepared by the department, it is supposed to supplement the "third paragraph of article 35 after the words "warning shots" with the words "for artillery and small arms", and also "warning bombing of aerial bombs ahead of the sea (river) vessel "- violator of the state border".

Military expert Alexander Perendzhiev believes, that such changes will allow Moscow to prevent countries from acting, which are increasingly approaching the Russian border.

“This proposal is related to, that violations have recently become more frequent, not just provocative, but rather an openly arrogant character. Sometimes we are talking about more than one ship, but about a few. Besides, in this case, military combat aircraft are also meant, trying to enter the territory of our country.

Most often, American strategic bombers do this., capable of carrying remotely controlled atomic bombs on board ", – said the agency.

So 16 September 2020 of the year, the National Defense Control Center of the Russian Federation reported, that the Su-27 fighter from the air defense duty of the Southern Military District took off from behind the RC-135 reconnaissance aircraft of the British Air Force over the Black Sea. Prior to this, the forces and assets of the Black Sea Fleet began to monitor the actions of the destroyer "Franklin Roosevelt" of the United States Navy, visiting 15 September 2020 years in the Black Sea.

Aviation warning fire will cool NATO fervor near Russian borders

“The Russian side wants to show, that she is ready for tough actions in case of violation of her borders. In other words, ill-wishers to face something more, than normal extrusion, ejection or audible warning.

Such a message will be made to absolutely everyone, who intends to trespass - in the air or on the water. The Russian Federation is ready to apply enhanced protection, after all, foreign military means are increasingly and even massively approaching the borders. More and more Russian fighters are forced to take to the skies in order to, to "push out" the bombers ", – says a military expert.

Earlier, the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Sergei Shoigu said, that the strategic aircraft of the United States of America began to practice the delivery of missile strikes on the territory of our country. he stressed, that Moscow is no longer alarmed by attempts by foreign states to conduct some intelligence, and regular visits and flights with training in striking, including the use of a large number of aircraft.

NATO resort to open provocations

The intensity of the use of NATO reconnaissance aircraft near the borders of Russia has increased by more than 30% comparing with the previous year. Sergei Shoigu noted, that Alliance States have recently intensified their intelligence activities. In August 2019 year was 87 flight, now – about 120.

The minister also added, what for the period from 23 August 2 September of this year, the aviation of the Aerospace Forces of the Russian Federation rose to intercept reconnaissance aircraft over the Baltic, The Barents and Black Seas at least ten times.

Aviation warning fire will cool NATO fervor near Russian borders

So 4 September, Russian airspace controls detected three US Air Force B-52H strategic bombers, approaching the southern border of the Russian Federation. To intercept aircraft over the Black and Azov seas, four Su-27 fighters and four Su-30 fighters were raised.

“Russia must show the seriousness of its intentions. Moreover, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation perfectly understands, what foreign states are striving for and why are they so actively approaching our borders. It's no longer about provocations, but about acts of aggression. They must be suppressed in a harsh manner.

Therefore i think, that such a warning of aggressive actions, which is proposed by the department, will be relevant ", – emphasized Perendzhiev.

Recall, that 4 by 9 May, for the first time since the Cold War, a detachment of NATO Naval Forces warships as part of guided missile destroyers (URO) Donald Cook, «Porter», "Roosevelt" of the US Navy and the frigate URO "Kent" of the British Navy went to the Barents Sea with three destroyers from the United States of America.

In this way, said Alexander Perendzhiev, the American side with its allies during the celebration of the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War made provocative actions, what reflected the anti-Russian confrontational course, which was enshrined in the final declarations of all NATO summits with 2014 of the year.

"The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has publicly announced its position. It is very important. Now the countries of the collective west will be warned by this.

And now NATO should think about, is it worth in the future to approach the Russian borders and make provocative movements. Moscow is ready to defend the country and does not intend to forgive the intense impudent actions of Western states ", – He stated the expert.

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