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"The M1 Abrams is the best main battle tank in the world" – in the USA presented a new training program for tankers

«The M1 Abrams is the best main battle tank in the world» - in the USA presented a new training program for tankers
In the United States, they spoke about the introduction of a new program for cadets of military academies, students in the military specialty "tankman" (armored vehicle driver), as well as for military personnel of tank units. The DiSTI program is based on the possibility of virtual study of blocks and nodes of the Abrams main battle tank in the M1A2 SEP v3 modification and includes instructions (DTT) diagnostics and troubleshooting.

US military command reports, that new training equipment is being deployed at three US Army military bases. These are the Fort Benning bases (GA), Fort Lee (Virginia) and Gowen Field (combined base in Idaho).

John Hayward, DiSTI Program Director:

The M1 Abrams tank has been around for about three decades., at the same time it remains the best main battle tank in the world. We provide opportunities to improve the combat readiness and effectiveness of troops. Our program also includes training opportunities for the maintenance of light tactical combat vehicles of light tactical vehicles (JLTV) for the US Army and National Guard.
According to Hayward, “The fact that, that "Abrams" – the best MBT in the world, confirmed by their effective use in different conditions ".

The American M1A2 Abrams tank maintenance training program SEP v3 assumes 200 classes based on 80 technological maps. In this case, military personnel carry out "repair and maintenance" on virtual simulators. The total cost of simulators with virtual circuits of the tank device costs almost 5 million dollars, which is comparable to the price of the "Abrams".

In the USA they talk about, that the soldiers, experienced DiSTI, will be able to serve more efficiently the tanks "Abrams" of new modifications. The program has in the States and critics, celebrating, that a virtual simulator will never replace the lessons of real maintenance of combat vehicles.

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