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Marine helicopters Ka-52K "Katran" are ready for serial production

Marine helicopters Ka-52K «tar» ready for serial production
The press reported on the testing of the newest domestic Ka-52K Katran helicopters.

The general designer of NTSV told about this in an interview with the information service of RIA Novosti (National Center for Helicopter Engineering) Mil and Kamov Sergey Mikheev. According to him, Ka-52K production technology has been fully mastered at the plant in the city of Arsenyev, Primorsky Territory.

Sergey Mikheev noted, that by now the Ka-52K marine helicopters have passed the entire range of tests and are ready for serial production.

Sergey Mikheev:

There are no fatal remarks at the moment. I have no doubt, that the created combat vehicle will go to the Navy.
To date, Katran helicopters are also involved in testing new Russian ships., including frigates of new projects, which provide for the possibility of receiving a helicopter. In particular, the boarding of each of the test ships is being practiced.

Ka-52K - naval version of the Ka-52 helicopter, as well as the continuation of the line of marine helicopters, including Ka-29 and Ka-31. Earlier, it was stated, what in 2017 year "Katrana" were tested in the Syrian Arab Republic. Then they became part of the air wing of the aircraft-carrying cruiser "Admiral Kuznetsov".

The helicopter has an improved avionics, allowing him to provide navigation in the complete absence of landmarks, what is effective for the fulfillment of assigned tasks in the maritime zone.

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