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President of Belarus told Shoigu, that he turned to Putin for weapons

President of Belarus told Shoigu, that he turned to Putin for weapons
During the talks between the leaders of Russia and Belarus in Sochi, Alexander Lukashenko asked Putin to supply him with certain types of weapons. In his view, need to look, what and where to strengthen in the interests of the Union State.

As reported by BelTA agency, the Belarusian leader told about this to the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Sergei Shoigu.

Lukashenka also noticed, that he considers it necessary to more courageously take measures to protect Belarusian citizens, and Russians. He told the Russian president, that Minsk and Moscow should not be afraid to act in the interests of the Union State:

There is nothing to be afraid of, we are ready to go for it.
Belarusian President considers erroneous assumptions, that Belarus has weakened, and Russia will stay aloof and won't help. He calls them "reasoning for fools".

It happened, that we were left alone in this regard, but not the weakest.
– said the leader of Belarus.

Lukashenka has no doubts, that no one can drive a wedge between our two countries. He is confident in his ability to jointly not only stabilize the situation in Belarus, but also throughout the territory of the immense Union State:

You can rest assured of our reliability in terms of the defense of our common Fatherland from Brest to Vladivostok.

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