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Retired US Navy vice admiral named technology, helping to "revolutionize" the use of aircraft carriers

Retired US Navy vice admiral named technology, helping «make a revolution» in the application of aircraft carriers
US retired Vice Admiral Lewis Crenshaw published an article, in which reports on the important direction of the development of the US aircraft carrier fleet. Drew attention to the fact, that the United States has recently paid special attention to this issue (development of the aircraft carrier fleet) - with publication in various specialized media. More recently, material appeared in the US press, where it was reported about the possibility of the development of the aircraft carrier fleet with the help of the introduction of unmanned carrier-based aircraft tankers into service.

Vice Admiral Crenshaw names another technology, which helps the United States "revolutionize" the use of aircraft carriers. With this technology, a retired senior military, gave service in the navy about 37 years, considers EMALS. – electromagnetic system for takeoff of carrier-based aircraft from aircraft carriers.

Lewis Crenshaw:

Equipping the latest aircraft carriers such as "Gerald Ford" (Gerald R. Ford) EMALS systems allows to increase the number of training sorties to 160 per day under normal conditions and up to 270 combat missions in wartime. This is one third more, than for Nimitz-class aircraft carriers in peacetime, and 12,5% more, than in the military. This means a significant increase in the efficiency of warships..
Retired US Navy vice admiral named technology, helping «make a revolution» in the application of aircraft carriers
Asynchronous motor EMALS

Retired US Navy vice admiral notes, that the advanced technology of electromagnetic catapults (systems for takeoff of carrier-based aircraft) allows you to launch not only manned aircraft, but also drones, including the same - refueling, mentioned above.

Vice Admiral Crenshaw:

for example, when fully optimized, EMALS will go from cold start to ready to launch aircraft in about 15 minutes. Steam catapults require hours and significantly more power to achieve the same level of readiness, and this leads to the depletion of critical resources - for example, fresh water on the ship.
According to Crenshaw, the revolutionary idea of ​​using EMALS will remain relevant for all aircraft carriers of the Ford class (and they are planned to be built before 12 units) for decades.

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