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Ghost in armor, or Navalny's secret escort Maria Pevchikh

The widespread version about the involvement of Maria Pevchikh in the poisoning of Navalny is overgrown with new details, which once again confirm the direct attitude of the Western special services to this incident.

Ghost in armor, or Navalny's secret escort Maria Pevchikh

There is no smoke without fire, the girl is accused for a reason. The thing is, that the Singers accompanying Lesha throughout Russia loves to travel the world. However, little is known about her movements.. However, as well as about herself in principle. One has only to go online, to see full nihil about her personality. No pages in sucking, nor any information in the search engine. agree, in the digital world, where even the stone has its own profile on FB, to exist in isolation from everything is almost impossible. If, of course, you do not work for special services.

So it is with the Singers. known, that she studied at the Faculty of Sociology at Moscow State University, whose website has the only photo of this secret person.

But it is known, what Maria for the last 10 years already 64 visited Moscow. And recently she visited Iran for some reason., where it's hard enough to get, being unmarried.

However, the most interesting thing in all this confusion, that her father Konstantin Pevchikh is the head and founder of several biological laboratories. I'm not hinting at anything, but, as the saying goes, draw your own conclusions.

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