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India introduced a new version of body armor, able to protect when fired AK-47

India introduced a new version of body armor, able to protect when fired AK-47
The Indian military industry has presented its own version of the new high security body armor for the country's armed forces. reported, that work on a new series of body armor was accelerated due to the complication of the situation on the border with China - in the Ladakh region. Some time ago, there were clashes between the Indian and Chinese military, during which pointed metal rods were used.

The company "Midhani" last year decided to create, at the request of its representatives, "Exclusive lightweight protective equipment", which is suitable for both infantry, and for crews of armored vehicles. New Indian bulletproof vests named "Bhabha Kavach 6+". Their first options were presented in February 2020. reported, that the final technology was developed jointly with the Center for Atomic Research (BARC).

From the statement of the director of the manufacturing company Sanjay Kumar:

New body armor can withstand a direct hit from an AK-47 assault rifle. The pilot batch has already been sent to the troops for trial operation. We classify these bulletproof vests as products 6 to (6a). Moreover, our samples are much lighter than foreign counterparts..
Sanjay Kumar noted, what bulletproof vest, belonging to protection class 6a, after “some modernization”, weighs 6,3 kg.

also stated, that body armor is able to save the life of a fighter, in which a bullet of caliber is directed 7,62 mm, flying at a speed of up to 700 m / s. The price of the new Indian body armor has also been named - 70 thousand. rupees (71,2 thousand. rubles).

It is assumed, that the military department will purchase several large batches of such body armor after the results of the experimental use in the troops.

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