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Analyst from Poland: Russia can play a positive role too, example – Africa

Analyst from Poland: Russia can play a positive role too, example - Africa
Russia joined other powers, seeking to increase their influence in Africa. But she shouldn't act the same, in Europe, after all, the negotiating position of African leaders has never been so strong, as today.

This opinion was expressed in an interview for the magazine “WP magazine” Dr.Endzhei Skull, Polish expert on African policy.

The continent is attractive to foreign investors for a number of reasons.. African economies are developing at a fast pace, the continent has rich reserves of raw materials. At the same time, the population is rapidly increasing - it is calculated, that in thirty years every fourth inhabitant of the planet will be African.

The analyst notes, what African leaders see a growing number of nations, lined up for them. China has long been active on the "black continent", USA and former colonial countries. And in the last decade, they have also been joined by three new players: Russia, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates. African countries get more room for maneuver and wait, who will give more.

According to a Polish analyst, Russia positions itself as a country, which helps African countries gain independence from their former metropolises. China and Turkey also play on an anti-colonial note, proud of the absence of a colonial past on the continent.

Skull counts, that Russia usually begins cooperation with African states from the military sphere, then he is engaged in the development and extraction of raw materials and only then the Kremlin begins to think about long-term investments. In this way, Moscow, according to a Polish analyst, tries first of all “fill pockets”.

At the same time he stressed, that Russia's actions do Africa not only harm. Take the Central African Republic. Russian, according to Dr. Skull, helped stabilize and negotiate a better peace agreement in the history of this state.

Thanks to them, the CAR is now a relatively safe country
The Russians have provided invaluable assistance to Africa in the treatment of Ebola, and also support the fight against jihadists, which are a global threat.

As the analyst notes, although in Poland they are not used to it, Russia can play a positive role too.

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