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CEC reported minor comments from observers during elections

CEC reported minor comments from observers during elections

Moscow, 11 September. Voting at elections of different levels is proceeding normally, remarks from observers are insignificant. About it Federal News Agency said the Deputy Chairman of the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation Nikolai Bulaev.

“Everything is going as usual. there is, in my opinion, insignificant comments from observers. Sometimes such comments are biased., but we still consider them and react ", - he said.

As Nikolay Bulaev explained, the CEC has a special software application, which allows the CEC to record all comments. Then, online work is carried out with the election commissions of the subjects in order to, so that violations are immediately eliminated, he said.

“With regard to basic technological solutions, then they are all executed. We hope, what 13 September we will have objective results, which will be perceived by everyone as legitimate, and there will be no reason, to question them ", - added Nikolay Bulaev.

Recall, early voting in elections in a number of regions began in Russia. It will last 11 and 12 September. On a single voting day 13 September this year, elections for governors are scheduled for 20 the regions, 18 of them will be straight, legislative deputies should be elected in 11 subjects.

The head of the Central Election Commission of Russia Ella Pamfilova previously reported, that voter turnout in elections will be broadcast online in the CEC information center during all three voting days.

Previously well-known political scientists spoke about the peculiarities of election campaigns 2020 of the year. The big test this summer for candidates was the coronavirus pandemic.

Author: Olga Tsebrovskaya

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