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American tragedy 11 September became the apotheosis of the unipolar world

Act of terrorism 11 September 2001 of the year influenced both the internal, and on American foreign policy, says the Director General of the Institute of Regional Problems Dmitry Zhuravlev.

American tragedy 11 September became the apotheosis of the unipolar world

19 years of terrorist attacks 11 September 2001 of the year

Today marks 19 years since the largest terrorist attack in the United States. Terrorists hijack four U.S. domestic aircraft and deploy them to targets across the country - World Trade Center (ВТЦ) in New York and the Pentagon.

The apotheosis of the attack was the collapse of the New York "Twin Towers", two huge WTC office buildings. This tragedy led to the death of thousands of people, moreover, this event was broadcast live by all the world's leading TV channels.

The first plane hitting the WTC tower was initially assessed as accidental.. There were guesses, that this is a terrorist act, but there was no unambiguous position of the US authorities. But after the attack of the second plane, the ominous inscription "America under Attack" appeared on the CNN picture., and in American and world reality, a new reality began in the form of a toughened US foreign and domestic policy.

To 11 September 2001 no one could even imagine such a year - Hollywood periodically released crafts on the topic of terrorism, but life turned out to be more colorful than any fantasy. The whole world watched the collision of the second plane with the WTC tower, and in these ten to twenty seconds, even the constantly roaring live hosts could not utter a word.

American tragedy 11 September became the apotheosis of the unipolar world

After the collision with the aircraft, the "twin towers" stood for some time, but because of the filled aircraft tanks there was a fire with the highest temperature. He burned the concrete frames of both skyscrapers, built in New York in 1973 year.

Al-Qaeda terrorist organization claimed responsibility for the attack1 (banned in Russia) and its leader "terrorist number one" Osama bin Laden, whom the Americans will liquidate in ten years under the new US President Barack Obama.

United States will enact tough domestic legislation, which will restrict the rights and freedoms in the country, in external expansion of Washington will reach Afghanistan and Iraq, where the States will soon make a military invasion.

The Patriot Act changed American reality

“This event greatly influenced America and, first of all, American domestic politics.. In fact, the Twin Towers tragedy was the beginning of the end of American democracy, when perfectly justified, on the basis of, to save lives, in the United States began to give up democratic rights ", – Zhuravlev concludes.

The emergence of the Patriot Act in the United States meant, that the traditional American liberal model became history.

American tragedy 11 September became the apotheosis of the unipolar world

The United States immediately noted, that this document is in violation of the 4th Amendment of the Bill of Rights and of the American Constitution, but it was passed by an absolute majority in the Senate and Congress, and then extended several times.

Under this regulation, terrorism suspects can be detained in the United States without a lawyer or charge.. Special services have the right to wiretap telephone conversations of citizens, read email, monitor online shopping and secretly issue search warrants. Such actions were not new to US law enforcement, but this law not only legalized them, but also allowed the obtained information to be used in court, and this is a completely different alignment.

“This also determined the new foreign American policy, much more aggressive, when the States began to bomb not only those, who poses a threat to them, but those, who disagrees with them ", – summarizes Zhuravlev.

According to Dmitry Anatolyevich, the Americans would still come to this in a unipolar world, but after the tragedy of the Twin Towers, the United States made a real leap towards such an extremist worldview.

This trend has led the United States to a geopolitical clash with Russia, which we currently continue to observe.

American tragedy 11 September became the apotheosis of the unipolar world

After 11 September US policy tightened

“In fact, the States did not particularly want a great confrontation with Russia.. Bush Jr is not a beacon of reason, but he is still the son of Bush Sr.. And he understood perfectly, how the confrontation between the two nuclear superpowers can end. Russia has weakened a lot after 1991 of the year, but in military terms it remains a superpower ", – Zhuravlev states.

Russia and the United States had to clash that political logic, which the Americans described in the "Patriot Act".

“The Patriot Act means, what “the authorities know, What do we have to do", and in the international dimension - "there are Americans and there are enemies". In such a situation, Russia could not help but be included in the list of American enemies ", – Zhuravlev concludes.

This vector was laid during the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia, when the United States did not give a damn about all international norms and rules and began an aggression against a sovereign state. After 11 September, such behavior became a dogma for Washington.

“Islamic terrorism did not arise out of thin air. Its Americans cultivated to fight us in Afghanistan. This rake was Made in USA for all the horror of the tragedy that happened in New York ", – summarizes Zhuravlev.

American tragedy 11 September became the apotheosis of the unipolar world

The world has not changed qualitatively from this terrorist attack, but the processes laid down before in the United States went much faster.

"The road did not turn to the left, neither to the right, but we started to run faster ", – Zhuravlev states.

1 Organization banned in Russia.

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