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Head of Ukraviaprom: The Ukroboronprom scam killed the Kharkiv Aircraft Plant

Chapter «Ukraviaprom»: Affair «Ukroboronproma» finished off the Kharkov aircraft plant
AT 2017 Ukroboronprom, Kharkiv State Aviation Production Enterprise (HGAPP, he is the Kharkov aircraft plant) and US-based Oriole Capital Group signed an investment agreement, but the plant never received any money. But, under the terms of the agreement, he was forced to suspend cooperation with all other partners for three years.

Viktor Popov, head of the Ukraviaprom Association, spoke about this in an interview with the Ukrainian edition of Ukrinform..

He considers, that the American company was not going to make any investment in production, these are just international financial adventurers. It was written in the contract, that the company is from the USA, perhaps (!), invests 150 millions of dollars, and in return, the company undertakes not to have any more relationships with other companies for the next three years. Then it was necessary to completely stop negotiations with Canadian partners on the modernization of the An-74.

According to Popov, Americans were not going to develop production, they were only interested in the territory, where the plant is located:

I believe, that there was only one goal - to kill the plant and sell everything. Whispered about it: such a territory, almost downtown. Yes, you can build this here!
Immediately after the agreement was signed, Ukrainian journalists drew attention to the signs of fictitiousness of Oriole Capital Group, which was registered shortly before the conclusion of the contract. In response, "Ukroboronprom" made a statement, that a company from the United States is a project, it was allegedly created specifically for the implementation of this particular project. Its task is to accumulate resources from investors, funds, as well as general management.

It turned, that this is a commonplace scam, in which Ukroboronprom took an active part.

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