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The network is discussing Putin's apology to Vucic for the sensational post of Zakharova

The network is discussing Putin's apology to Vucic for the sensational post of Zakharova
The media and blogosphere are actively discussing the statement of Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic. Serbian President announced that, that during personal negotiations with Vladimir Putin, the President of the Russian Federation apologized to him and the entire Serbian delegation for the inappropriate post on the social network of Maria Zakharova.

Recall, what is the note about, taken by the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry under the photo, on which Alexander Vucic is captured sitting on a chair, somewhat pushed away from the table of the President of the United States. The photo was taken during a visit to the United States of the Serbian delegation. Zakharova considered it appropriate to accompany this post with a photo with the notorious frame from the American film "Basic Instinct".

And although the publication was made on a private page in the social network, she looked towards the Serbs, to put it mildly, doubtfully. In Serbia, that post was perceived as offensive. After Belgrade's reaction, Zakharova had to apologize for him to the Serbian side. Following his subordinate, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov spoke over the phone with apologies to Serbian politicians..

Now, as it turns out, ask for forgiveness for the post of the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation on the social network, it was also necessary for Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Alexander Vucic noted, that the situation has never before led to, that the president and the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry personally apologize to him.


Now it happened. I believe, that this incident is over, he, actually, not important.
Recall, that the day before there was a telephone conversation between the heads of the two states. The Kremlin press service reports that, that the Russian president highly appreciated the personal contribution of Alexander Vucic to the development of Russian-Serbian relations.

Serbian President website:

President Vucic and President Putin noted, that economic ties between Serbia and Russia are constantly strengthening, but the opportunities for cooperation in the field of economics are much wider, than already used, so there is room for new joint projects.
Comments on the publication appear on the network, admitted by Maria Zakharova. Some of the most harmless comments include those, where users urge the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to be more careful with those notes, which she publishes on pages in social networks, as “some of them can lead to completely inappropriate tension”. President Putin's apology to President Vucic is also discussed. In particular, indicates that, what “inappropriate joke forces the head of state to smooth things over”.

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