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China considers the "destroyer of tanks" created in the Russian Federation to be the favorite of the forum "Army-2020"

In China, it is considered created in the Russian Federation «tank destroyer» favorite of the forum «Army 2020»
At the Army-2020 forum, Russia presented the latest weapons. Record-worth of contracts were awarded during the exhibition this year.

The official Internet publication of the People's Liberation Army of China "Zhongguo Junwang" writes about this..

The PRC especially noted the new Russian air and missile defense systems, unmanned aerial vehicles manufactured in the Russian Federation.

And the Hermes anti-tank missile system demonstrated at the exhibition was nicknamed the "tank destroyer". Its effectiveness was also noted in China, and in the US. The PRC considers, that against its background the famous American ATGM FGM-148 Javelin seem outdated.

Complex "Hermes" was created by the Tula Arms Design Bureau. It is capable of destroying armored vehicles from a long distance using anti-tank missiles., defensive fortifications and low-altitude air targets, flying at low speed. The manufacturer claims, that new weapons are capable of destroying any tank, currently in service with countries.

In China, the Russian "Hermes" was named the favorite of the international forum "Army" this year.

International military-technical forum "Army-2020" is over 29 August. About one and a half thousand companies from more than seventy countries took part in it, who provided approximately 70 thousands of weapons, military equipment and equipment. According to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, signed at the exhibition 41 total contract 1,16 trillion rubles, what became another record.

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