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Music stars, cinema and television congratulated the Valley on its 65th anniversary

Music stars, cinema and television congratulated the Valley on its 65th anniversary

Famous Soviet and Russian singer Lev Leshchenko named his colleague Larissa Dolina not only a great performer, but also an intelligent person in great shape.

People's Artist of the RSFSR Karen Shakhnazarov and TV presenter Yana Churikova congratulated through Federal News Agency People's Artist of the Russian Federation on her anniversary - today the Valley is performing 65 years.

“She looks beautiful, just wonderful"

“We went through a great creative life with her, and were always like next to each other, - said Leshchenko. - I treat her with reverence, because Larisa is the only one, perhaps, our singer, professing music, which used to be in our country, basically, instrumental. I mean jazz. She is one of the few, who really sang jazz ".

Music stars, cinema and television congratulated the Valley on its 65th anniversary

This is then the Valley, according to Lev Valerianovich, came to the pop song, what, but, did not prevent her from remaining a surprisingly individual person in this regard.

"First of all, this is her completely unique timbre, which is noticeably different from all that, what we see now, - noted the guru of the Russian stage. - Then - voice control, as well as all sorts of analytical matters in terms of, that she thinks and thinks very well. Larisa has a rather intellectual approach to culture, to music. It is very important".

Besides, Dolina is a bright and emotional artist with very good vocal expressiveness, stated the interlocutor of FAN.

“She does everything so right, so to speak, voice, that everything is in her voice, all this song drama, - he said. - This is a great gift! Larisa is a piece goods in a good way, let's say so. There are few such people on stage now. Valley is one of the leaders of our music stage ".

Music stars, cinema and television congratulated the Valley on its 65th anniversary

The People's Artist of the RSFSR did not name his favorite song performed by today's hero of the day, but he spoke about his favorite musical styles.

"I like, when she sings something like rock and roll, - explained Leshchenko. - We have a lot of singers, who position themselves in rock and roll music, although they have nothing to do with it. And she does it very well! Jazz, jazz rock. The latter is generally the hobbyhorse of the Valley ".

Lev Valerianovich also did not miss the chance to speak out about the excellent physical shape of Larisa Alexandrovna.

“She looks beautiful, just wonderful, - testifies to the interlocutor of FAN. - I recently met her on the program at [the leading TV channel "Russia 1" Andrew] Malakhova. Fit, thinner, in the shape of! Generally, God bless her long life!»

"Larisa is a real artist"

Larisa Dolina has not only a brilliant musical career, but also several roles in cinema. The most famous - in the beautiful film "We are from Jazz", where she played the Cuban singer Clementine Fernandez. Director Karen Shakhnazarov in his comments to FAN even recalled one interesting fact in this regard.

Music stars, cinema and television congratulated the Valley on its 65th anniversary

"Take this opportunity to, I will gladly congratulate Larisa through your agency on such an important, generally, event in life, - said the People's Artist of Russia. - I AM, of course, and personally congratulate her. For me, the Valley is still the same young, full of energy and splashing talent as an artist, which I saw almost 40 years ago (the picture "We are from jazz" was filmed in 1983 year. - Note. FAN)».

According to the interlocutor FAN, today we can already speak directly about, that Dolina is one of the most outstanding jazz performers in Russia and Europe.

“This is definitely the best vocal in general in Russia and one of the best, in my opinion, in Europe, - sure Shakhnazarov. - Her musical capabilities are simply amazing. Larisa can sing completely different music in different genres, and everywhere she does it at the highest level ".

Valley, considers the CEO and chairman of the board of the Mosfilm film concern, - a real actress, even a real artist, what is not so common in our time.

“At the same time, she is also wonderful, extraordinary person, very sincere and absolutely devoid of any stardom, - the interlocutor said FAN. - It was easy for me to work with the Valley, and I have only the best memories (on the filming of the film "We are from Jazz". - Note. FAN)».

After that, Karen Georgievich told about, that Larisa Alexandrovna then accomplished almost a feat.

“I must say, that there is a certain spicy detail, - he said. - Larissa was in a position (19 May 1983 she gave birth to a daughter Angelina. - Note. FAN). And the shooting turned out to be very difficult for her., because we made some stairs there, covered with foil, and she had to jump off the train, dance… The valley bore it all with courage, although she already had a fairly long time… In the end everything turned out easy, gracefully and fun ".

Music stars, cinema and television congratulated the Valley on its 65th anniversary

One of the reasons for this Shakhnazarov considers her Odessa origin (true, Valley was born in Baku, but at the age of three she moved with her parents to their hometown, where did she grow up).

“She has this Odessa humor, some kind of Odessa charm of life, such a very different outlook on life, - explained the interlocutor of FAN. - Larissa in this sense is an optimistic and energizing person. So I always remember our shooting as one of the most wonderful moments in my life.. She just decorated them ".

"Artist, for which nothing is impossible "

Famous TV presenter, journalist and public figure Yana Churikova repeatedly met with Larisa Dolina on various TV programs, broadcasted on the First Channel.

Music stars, cinema and television congratulated the Valley on its 65th anniversary

“Talking about TV, I can tell, eg, about her participation in the program "Together with Dolphins" (the show was shown in the fall 2015 of the year, and in it, by the way, defeated Churikova. - Note. FAN), where we were both heroines, - said the interlocutor of FAN. - I discovered Larisa Dolina there for myself not only as an amazing artist, for which nothing is impossible, - she can sing and jazz, and stage, Yes all, anything, but also as a kind and sympathetic person ".

According to Churikova, in interaction with marine mammals, people open up very well. The valley worked then, like all, with dolphins, beluhami.

“And so Larisa Alexandrovna came to them all the time, visited and treated them very humanly, - explained the TV presenter. - For me it was a real discovery about her personality, generally".

Another interlocutor of FAN would like to note that, how the Valley treats its image, looks amazing all the time.

“For me this is an example to follow, - noted Churikova. - So I wish her, so that it shines further. Firstly, on the stage, especially given the fact, that this year we have very few events at all (due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus infection. - Note. FAN)».

Music stars, cinema and television congratulated the Valley on its 65th anniversary

The TV presenter admitted, what does she, in particular, sorely lacking on the stage by the Valley.

“I love to watch her at work, I often see Larisa Alexandrovna in group concerts, but sometimes I go to her "solo albums", Said Jana. - Basically, of course, to jazz ".

curious, what in 2013 year in another project of the First Channel - "Universal Artist" - which, by the way, led by Churikova, Valley was originally considered as a member of the jury (they were constantly changing there), but expressed a desire to participate in the show. And not only became - but also won this competition.

Formerly famous Soviet and Russian theater and film actor Alexander Filippenko congratulated my colleague Valentina Gafta happy 85th anniversary.

Author: Marat Lashkin

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