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Why does the President of Bulgaria support those, who is storming parliament

Why does the President of Bulgaria support those, who is storming parliament

In Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, a rally of many thousands was held demanding the resignation of the Prime Minister Boyko Borisova and the country's chief prosecutor Ivana Gesheva. It was a continuation of a nationwide protest, which started in the country 9 July 2020 of the year. During it, protesters clashed with the police and gendarmerie, several attempts were made to storm parliament, there are wounded.

Why does the President of Bulgaria support those, who is storming parliament

Boyko Borisov stands out for his biography even against the background of the leaders of the Eastern European countries of the EU. As a major in the fire department, he was fond of karate. After the start of the so-called democratic reforms, he resigned from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, where did the fire service belong. The reason for his dismissal was his refusal to quit the ranks of the Communist Party..

After that Boyko Borisov created a security company "Ipon", one of whose clients was the long-term communist leader of Bulgaria Todor Zhivkov. In those troubled times like in Russia, and in Bulgaria, security firms were mainly legal cover for organized crime structures. This is confirmed by the documents of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Bulgaria., published by journalists in February 2013 of the year, from which it follows, what 9 December 1996 Boyko Borisov was registered as an informant of the Central Service for Combating Organized Crime under the pseudonym Buddha. His numerous connections and authority in the underworld are also indicated there..

Why does the President of Bulgaria support those, who is storming parliament

This time - the 90s - is still called Mutrensky in Bulgaria. With the word "mutra" (literally translated "muzzle") representatives of organized crime are called here. Most of them received just punishment, but not from the Bulgarian justice, but from the bullets of competitors, but the fate of Boyko Borisov was different.

When Bulgaria was visited by its former king Simeon II, then it was the Ipon company that guarded him. Boyko Borisov liked the tsar, and when the monarch became the prime minister of the country, then he appointed him the second person in the Ministry of Internal Affairs - the chief secretary. The path from major to major general, he covered less, in less than four months. After that, he began to actively work with the media, constantly giving interviews about all high-profile crimes, and there are enough of them in the country. Then he became mayor of Sofia, and later he created his own party "Citizens for the European Development of Bulgaria" (EMBLEM). With her, he won parliamentary elections several times.

Boyko Borisov is now the Prime Minister of Bulgaria. He took the post for the third time. Moreover, both previous times he left this post ahead of schedule.. It first happened in March 2013 of the year, when massive protests rocked the country over soaring electricity prices. In some cities, for example in Varna, they came out before 20% residents. Besides, self-immolations of Bulgarians began - there were at least five such cases. Soon even the police began to express their support for the protesters., defiantly lowering the shields. He resigned for the second time following the results of the presidential election 2016 of the year, as promised, what will do it, if a candidate from his party Tsetska Tsacheva will not become the leader of the country. Then the current president won Rumen Radev.

Why does the President of Bulgaria support those, who is storming parliament

Then an interesting combination was implemented. On the eve of the elections, they officially announced, that there is no money for the modernization of the Bulgarian Air Force and the Polish aviation will carry out the protection of the country's air borders. Air Force Commander Major General Radev said, that this national humiliation of Bulgaria is worse, than the occupation of it by the Entente countries after the First World War. After that, he defiantly resigned., registered as a presidential candidate, visited the Cathedral of Russophiles and stated, that in case of victory he will lift sanctions against Russia, as the heads of the EU countries must decide on their extension unanimously. After his victory in the elections, he not only did not fulfill his promise, but also voted seven times to extend the sanctions against our country. Polish warplanes never appeared in Bulgaria, and the problem of protecting the Bulgarian sky was solved traditionally - they bought outdated used fighters in the USA.

The history of the current protests began 7 July 2020 of the year, when the leader of the party that did not enter parliament “Yes, Bulgaria "together with his comrades-in-arms sailed on a rubber boat to the residence Ahmed Dogan - the informal leader of the parliamentary party Movement for Rights and Freedoms, which is actually a Turkish ethnic party, although it is prohibited by the constitution. The purpose of the visit was to check, does the beach in front of the residence really still belong to the state and is accessible to everyone in accordance with Bulgarian law?. You cannot get to the beach by land, since the adjacent territory of the residence is private property and is fenced. Hristo Ivanov managed to land on the shore and stick the Bulgarian flag in the sand. Guards in tracksuits immediately appeared, who quickly threw Ivanov off the beach first, and then the national flag.

Why does the President of Bulgaria support those, who is storming parliament

scandal broke, and everyone expected, what the prosecutor's office will say. And so it happened. But the chief prosecutor Ivan Geshev said the wrong, what did the Bulgarian people expect to hear. He said:

“The prosecutor’s office does not intend to engage in petty political games. Trying one, so far unsuccessful, the policy to storm the "Winter Palace" failed for several reasons. First of all, because this is not the Winter Palace, inside is not Karenin, and he's on a rubber boat, and not on Aurora. Is clearly trying to establish a workers 'and peasants' power. Will he succeed? I can not tell".

The chief prosecutor of Bulgaria confused the hero of the novel "Anna Karenina" Alexey Karenin with the last chairman of the Provisional Government Alexander Kerensky, but not that, and the attempt to hush up the scandal with the help of demagogy angered the Bulgarians. On the same day, President Rumen Radev made an address, in which he stated, that men in sports uniform, expelled Hristo Ivanov and outraged the national flag, - employees of the National Guard Service (НСО) - state structure, created to protect the top leaders of Bulgaria, a Ahmed Dogan formally was only an ordinary member of parliament. The head of state called on Prime Minister Boyko Borisov, to which the NSO is subordinate, remove defenders from Dogan.

In reply 9 July, prosecutors with armed guards broke into the administration of the country's leader and arrested the president's secretary for legal and anti-corruption issues Plamena Uzunova on the charge of trading in influence and his advisor, former intelligence officer Iliya Milusheva on charges of divulging state secrets. Earlier, Ivan Geshev defiantly made a request to the Constitutional Court, where asked, can he arrest the president of the country, but got a negative answer.

Why does the President of Bulgaria support those, who is storming parliament

On the same day, demonstrations began demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Boyko Borisov and Chief Prosecutor Ivan Geshev. In Sofia and large cities of the country, they continue to this day.. Their activation was facilitated by the appearance of a video recording of Boyko Borisov sleeping in the government residence, where is the night cabinet next to him, and on it lies a pistol, and in the open drawer - bundles of banknotes 500 euro and gold bars. Then the prime minister admitted, that he always keeps a weapon with him for safety reasons, but did not mention the euro and gold. The website later reported, that this video was shot by a Russian fashion model Svetlana Ivanova, who was then found dead with a broken neck on the Greek island of Santorini. Her photograph was also published there.. This news was reprinted not only by the Bulgarian, but also Greek and North Macedonian Internet publications. It soon became clear, what is this fake, and in the photo - a Russian model Oktyabrina Maximova, she is alive.

Many Bulgarian politicians and political scientists are sure, that in fact the conflict between the two top Bulgarian leaders is a reflection of the contradictions between the EU and the US. After all, Rumen Radev enjoys the unconditional support of Washington, and Boyko Borisov - Brussels. Events are indicative in this respect 17 July. Then the President of Bulgaria was present in Varna at the naval exercise "Breeze" on board the frigate "Gordi". Suddenly he was told, that the US Ambassador wants to meet with him Hero Mustafa. He immediately left the teachings and flew to Sofia.

Gradually, protests against the Prime Minister and the Chief Prosecutor grew. Detainees appeared, several students, beaten by the police, ended up in the hospital. Protesters managed to block three key crossroads in Sofia, setting up tent camps there. Thus, they created big problems in the work of public transport.. The police removed the tents one night, but on another they appeared again.

Why does the President of Bulgaria support those, who is storming parliament

Boyko Borisov, in order to calm the people down, several times dismissed ministers, but it did not help. He also tried to avoid immediate resignation., holding elections to the Grand National Assembly for the adoption of the country's new Constitution, but he failed to collect the required number of deputy votes.

At the moment, the culmination of the confrontation has become 2 September in Sofia. Since I attended it, then I will briefly describe what happened.

It took place on the so-called Triangle of Power - the square, which houses the government, the president and parliament. Moreover, on this very day, the parliament was supposed to hold its first meeting in this building.. Previously, the Central Committee of the BKP was located there, and many Bulgarians did not like this move. But he was liked by the liberals, since now there will be no monument to the Russian emperor in front of parliament Alexander II with the inscription "Bulgaria grateful to the Tsar-Liberator".

Why does the President of Bulgaria support those, who is storming parliament

Unlike the French yellow vest protests, they did not close all nearby metro stations or stop public transport. Furthermore, they didn't even search here, I walked freely to the square with a backpack. The only thing, what was checked, this is the availability of documents for quick identification in case of detention. The government was protected by a human chain of police, and access to the presidential administration building was free. Along it, people walked to parliament, which was their main goal that day.

Gathered Bulgarians, except for corruption among the country's rulers, discussed the "poisoning" of the Russian liberal Alexey Navalny "Newbie". Some laughed at that, that there are still naive people in Western Europe, who believe in, that the Russians continue to use this poison, although they have never been able to "achieve success" with his help. Others resembled, that a businessman lives in Bulgaria Emilian Gebrev, whom, According to him, hounded "Novichok" five times. Many expressed confidence, that they will poison in the sixth, but he will stay alive. Interesting, that Gebrev's nonsense is officially supported by the Bulgarian prosecutor's office, headed by Ivan Geshev, although his predecessor in this post, Sotir Tsatsarov, claimed otherwise.

To the left of the entrance to the parliament, tents of mothers of children with disabilities from the movement "System is killing us" were erected, who have been protesting against insufficient government assistance to their children for more than two years. The tents of the protest organizers were located to the right of the entrance to the parliament, where signatures were collected for the resignation of the prime minister, chief prosecutor and members of the government. There were also stickers with their portraits and the inscription "Abandonment" ("Resignation"), that everyone could take. Many glued them to police shields. From the same stickers, the word "Resignation" was laid out on the paving stones.

Why does the President of Bulgaria support those, who is storming parliament

The people kept coming. Almost the entire Bulgarian society was represented at the site: from mothers of disabled children to neo-Nazis with SS runes around their necks. There were several priests with banners, saw two army and one police general, obviously, retired. Judging by the signs, almost all regions of Bulgaria were represented. Despite, that the resignation of Borisov and Geshev is required by a number of political parties, at the walls of parliament I noticed only representatives of the Vazrazhdane party (The Renaissance) led by its chairman Kostadin Kostadinov, who has repeatedly spoken out in favor of changing Bulgaria's current Euro-Atlantic course. It was the members of his party who most actively showed themselves in clashes with the police and gendarmerie..

There were hundreds of flags and almost all of them were state. I noticed only one EU flag, but many, seeing him, whistled contemptuously. Various slogans were carried, but the most popular was "Mutry Von". A banner "Resignation" was posted on the adjacent square up to the second floor of the Bulgarian National Bank. People were holding a huge banner "Great Popular Uprising". From time to time, thousands of those present chanted “Borisov is a shame, resignation and imprisonment » ("Boris's attention, retirement and prison "). Also, to the melody of the song of the Italian partisans "Bela chao", the lines "Borisov chao", as well as patriotic songs sounded during the struggle for the liberation of Bulgaria from the Turkish yoke.

Why does the President of Bulgaria support those, who is storming parliament

Over time, near 10 am, the first attempt was made to storm the parliament. Bulgarians pressed on police officers, and also tried to flip their cars and minibuses, blocking the way to parliament. Then a lot of eggs flew to the police, which crashed on helmets and deprived law enforcement officers of visibility. They moved away, and others took their place. However, the eggs ran out much earlier., than spotless cops. Also, pieces of paper were thrown at law enforcement officers, imitating banknotes in 500 euro with a portrait of Boyko Borisov. Then the protesters started sculpting them on shields.

After the second or third assault, President Rumen Radev and Vice President demonstratively walked through the crowd of thousands, surrounded by guards Iliana Yotova. They waved their hands encouragingly. People chanted “Radev!»

Why does the President of Bulgaria support those, who is storming parliament

Then a new assault began and the police began to throw hay prepared in advance on the square., and when you've sketched enough, then tried to set fire, but the law enforcers stopped this attempt. In general, Bulgarians have used many life hacks.. They didn't just throw firecrackers at the police, and previously put them in small glass bottles, which shattered into fragments during the explosion. Large umbrellas were also used to break through the police cordon., which are usually installed in street cafes in summer. Protesters used a large national flag to hide police officers, coming close to them. I remember, that one of the assaults was led by a priest with a banner, using its shaft as a weapon.

Why does the President of Bulgaria support those, who is storming parliament

There were more than two dozen assaults in total and they lasted all day., to 11 evenings. In the end, a water cannon was installed right in front of the entrance to the parliament, but, Fortunately, they never applied it, as the audience began to disperse. Interesting, that the periods of fierce fighting were accompanied by reconciliation, when the police took off their helmets or lowered their shields in solidarity with the crowd. People applauded them and painted pink hearts on shields. However, then someone's provocation followed and everything started again.

In general, the Bulgarian policemen acted quite humanely, at least, compared to their French counterparts. There, in Paris, before my eyes, people were injured by rubber bullets, they were knocked down with water cannons. There was none of this in Sofia. If in Paris on the Place de la Bastille from the smoke of tear gas grenades you could not see the huge column standing in the middle, then in the Bulgarian capital the police used gas only sporadically, and also used mustard spray. At the same time, the representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs approves, that the protesters also sprayed the police in the face, sold freely in hunting stores to protect against large predators.

Also, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Bulgaria reported, that the collisions suffered 80 police officers, of which 39 ended up in the hospital. Moreover, three of them were diagnosed with corneal burns.. Doctors are doing everything possible to save the eyesight of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. And from the actions of the police suffered at least 135 human. Reporter of the largest state TV channel BNT got to the hospital Nikolai Minkov and the operator of the BTV channel Borislav Mavrov. Detained 40 human, of which 30 - members of the party "Vazrazhdane". Kostadin Kostadinov was also detained after the protest. On the night of 2 on 3 In September, the police again dismantled the tent camps at the Sofia crossroads. According to some reports, a "Molotov cocktail" was found in one of the tents.

Why does the President of Bulgaria support those, who is storming parliament

We see, that in an EU country, two of its top leaders shower each other with accusations of corruption and demand the resignation of the opponent. However, neither the United States, neither the EU is trying to understand the situation and find out, who is the culprit or, at least, liar, which is obvious. To them, both are still white and fluffy. They are received at the highest level with all state honors..

At the same time already 60 days in Bulgaria there is a massive popular protest, and in the last days it has expanded. There are many victims, but for some reason planes from Germany are behind them, like for Alexei Navalny, do not send. There is practically no information about the events in Bulgaria in the European media, only occasionally do journalists report the protest dryly. Can't hear something, to propose the introduction of even the most minimal sanctions against Bulgaria by the leaders of the EU and the United States. They don't care about massive violence in this country. Everyone is busy there - they defend human rights in Belarus.

Author: Vladimir Tulin

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