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Project 885M Kazan nuclear submarine passed the next stage of sea trials

Premier League «Kazan» проекта 885М прошла очередной этап ходовых испытаний
Lead multipurpose nuclear submarine “Kazan” project 885M “Ash-M” returned to Severomosk from the next stage of sea trials, who passed in the waters of the White Sea. It is reported by the press service of the Northern Fleet.

Во время выхода в Белое море экипаж АПЛ “Kazan” выполнил плавание в надводном и подводном положении, отработку элементов задачи курса боевой подготовки, а также замер ряда технических параметров корабля, например шумности подводного хода. После выполнения поставленных задач в море корабли и суда прибыли в пункт постоянного базирования – Severodvinsk
– It said in a statement.

Exit “Kazan” на испытания обеспечивал подводный крейсер “Dmitry Donskoy” и суда обеспечения Беломорской военно-морской базы.

In June this year it became known, that the state tests of the nuclear submarine “Kazan” will be held in the fall. In the absence of complaints, the submarine will join the fleet by the end 2020 of the year. This does not exclude, that the deadlines can be rescheduled for 2021 year for various reasons.

Earlier, the Ministry of Defense announced the entry of the nuclear submarine “Kazan” to the Navy until the end 2019 of the year, but later the delivery date of the ship was shifted due to problems discovered. Mooring results, as well as the winter stage of factory sea trials, completed in January last year, show, that a number of auxiliary systems of nuclear submarines “Kazan” do not meet the requirements of the Ministry of Defense. The submarine was sent for revision to “Sevmash”.

Premier League “Kazan” – the first multipurpose nuclear submarine of the improved project 885M (“Ash-M”) It was launched 31 Martha 2017 of the year. Compared to the project “885 “Ash” the new submarine received many improvements and new systems, not previously used on submarines. Project submarines “Ash-M” have a displacement of 13800 tonnes, immersion depth – 520 m, crew – 64 man, autonomy – 100 day, underwater speed – 31 node. Armed with mines, torpedo 533 millimeter, cruise missiles “Caliber” and “onyx”.

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