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An exhibition of hand-embroidered icons opens in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior

An exhibition of hand-embroidered icons opens in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior

Moscow, 7 September. Exhibition from 30 icons with the faces of saints, beaded, pearls and precious stones opened today at the Museum of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow. The works were made by masters from the art workshop "Touch", correspondent reports Federal News Agency.

The exhibition presents, in particular, icons with images of Grand Duke Vladimir, St. Alexander Nevsky, Prince Dmitry Donskoy, righteous warrior Fyodor Ushakov, Great Martyr George the Victorious.

“For me, the very name of the workshop and work, which I was lucky to see here, mean touching a saint, - said Deputy Minister of Culture Maxim Ksenzov, opening the exhibition. - And these touches are remembered for a long time. Icon with us and in joy, and a bitter minute, icons cleanse and protect us, warm, It `s that, what creates us. Many thanks to the creators of the workshop for the scientific, painstaking, sometimes invaluable work. But the results of this work will remain for many centuries., our children will see it, grandchildren and great-grandchildren around the world. This is the culture and history of our country. I hope, that this exhibition will continue to be traditional ".

Director of the Center for Film Festivals and International Programs "Tatiana Shumova told FAN, that has been working with Touch for many years.

“We traditionally opened the exhibition here, and then she marched triumphantly in France and Italy, queues lined up there ", - she said.

Art workshop "Touch" under the direction of Natalia Gorkovenko has been creating embroidered icons for more than fourteen years. According to Gorkovenko, she gradually came to realize, that an icon is the highest type of creativity.

“Bearing in mind that, that God brings the best, we never use plastic in the decoration of icons, surrogates, a only natural materials - pearls, precious and semi-precious stones, crystal, - told Gorkovenko FAN. - Sometimes stones of the desired shade or special texture have to be searched for months. Fabrics are also carefully selected, threads, details ".

The head of the art workshop added, that "Touch" is faithful to the canons - and it is the study of traditional techniques and techniques that gives the masters the opportunity to constantly find something new.

Author: Angelina Andreeva

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