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"The first line to the Eastern Wall": in Lithuania, Abrams tanks were delivered on a new track to the border of Belarus

«The first branch to the Eastern Wall»: tanks in Lithuania «abrams» delivered on a new track to the border of Belarus
Gradually the infrastructure of the countries, located in the post-Soviet space, adapts to NATO supply chains, allowing the transfer of military equipment of the alliance to the borders of the so-called "Eastern Wall" – security cordon, who protects Russia on its western borders.

FROM 4 exercises started in Lithuania on September, in which American units are involved. Maneuvers involve the transfer of military equipment to the training ground, located in Pabrade. This settlement is located at the very border of Belarus, which is viewed by NATO as an ally of Russia (what, in fact, and there is, since Belarus and Russia are not only members of the CSTO, but also in the Union State).

For the first time, heavy military equipment has arrived here not on the highway, but by rail. This became possible thanks to the completion of the construction of the new Pabrade - Paberže track this spring.. This branch is used only for transporting troops.. The other day, it was on it that American tanks "Abrams" were delivered to the borders of the "Eastern Wall", what the Ministry of Defense of Lithuania hastened to report:

Welcome our American brothers to Lithuanian soil! Troops of the 2nd Battalion, 69th Regiment, 2nd Brigade, US Army arrived for a pre-planned exercise. Together we are strong.
Tanks descended from railway platforms directly onto the ground..

In this regard, the statements of Alexander Lukashenko that, that in Belarus you can hear the clanking of the tracks of NATO tanks, makes sense. American “Abramsy” transferred to the Belarusian border – the western border of the Union State of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation.

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