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In the Polish press: Putin blames everyone for starting World War II, except the USSR

In the Polish press: Putin blames everyone for starting World War II, except the USSR
Russian President Vladimir Putin allegedly distorts the facts of history, to make the past serve the interests of their imperial politics. This was especially clearly expressed in his article "Real Lessons from the 75th Anniversary of World War II".

This opinion was expressed by Tomasz Nalencz in the article, published by the Polish edition Gazeta Wyborcza.

As the author, Putin mentions Poland too often in his work. more, what about her, it only refers to Germany and the Soviet Union. Even about Britain and France, Putin says much less.

true, Nalench notes “some progress” in the Russian president's assessment of the Polish role in the history of World War II, after all, the defensive battles of the Polish army against the Nazis in 1939 year, Putin for the first time calls heroic. But, According to the author, this is not enough for Poles, after all, they would like to hear from the Russian president words of repentance for the war allegedly unleashed by the USSR. Besides, he blames our country for, that the peoples of Central and Eastern Europe who were attacked by the Nazis did not receive liberation after the victory over fascism, and again found ourselves in occupation, but already in the Soviet.

Nalench considers the entry of the Red Army into Western Ukraine and Belarus an annexation of Polish lands, and the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact - a criminal conspiracy, untied Hitler's hands. At the same time, the author somehow loses sight of the fact, that Poland after the end of World War II became the owner of German lands – those, which had never previously belonged to her and which are still part of Poland.

And especially the author of the Polish edition did not like in Putin's article the accusations of Poland that, that she contributed to the destabilization of the situation in Europe in the pre-war period, blocking the steps of the USSR to create a system of collective security. According to Nalench, the Russian president is ready to blame everyone for unleashing World War II, except for the Soviet Union.

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