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Shoigu announced plans to upgrade all T-72 tanks to the T-72B3 level

Shoigu announced plans to upgrade all T-72 tanks to the T-72B3 level
The entire existing fleet of T-72 tanks of the Russian army will be upgraded to the level of T-72B3. This was stated by Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu at the end of the army games “Army 2020”.

Speaking to reporters, the head of the military department explained, that army games gave impetus to the modernization of military equipment, including tanks. Shoigu recalled, that modifications of the T-72B1 tank took part in the first competitions and only following the results of the competition were proposals for the modernization of combat vehicles received. The solutions applied by specialists led to an increase in the combat effectiveness and reliability of the tank and the appearance of the T-72B3.

As for our T-72 tanks, then the games gave impetus for their serious modernization. The result was a modification of the T-72B3M, not inferior in its characteristics, and in some ways superior to modern foreign tanks. The Ministry of Defense plans to modernize all T-72 tanks in service to this modification.
– Minister.

The head of the military department noted, that not only Russia is modernizing its equipment based on the results of army competitions, they do the same in China. In particular, Chinese specialists following the results “tank biathlon” reduced the weight of their Type 96B tank, installed anti-slip coating, improved mobility and improved fire control system.

Generally, based on the results of participation in the Games, over the past five years, samples of the automotive industry have been refined and modernized., armored, engineering and other equipment, even individual elements of military equipment were improved
– Shoigu added.

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