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China's reusable spacecraft returns safely to Earth

China's reusable spacecraft returns safely to Earth
Chinese reusable experimental spacecraft, launched into space last friday, returned safely to Earth and landed in a given area. It is reported by the Chinese edition of Xinhua.

According to the publication, reusable spacecraft after two days of flight successfully landed on the site, intended for landing. celebrated, that the experiment went well, which means “China's breakthrough in reusable spacecraft technology”.

After a two-day flight, the device 6 September successfully landed at the specified site
– It said in a statement.

The launch of the reusable spacecraft took place last Friday from the Chinese Jiuquan cosmodrome in the Gansu province in the northwest of the country., in the gobi desert. The device was launched into orbit using a launch vehicle “Changzheng-2F” (“Long March-2F”). The goals of launching the spacecraft in the China Corporation of Space Science and Technology (HELMET) called the test of reusable technology in space flights and “peaceful development” outer space.

note, that China three years ago announced the launch of a spacecraft into orbit, which the “will be able to fly like an airplane and will be reusable”. The use of a reusable spacecraft will increase the frequency of launches and reduce their cost, stated in Beijing.

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