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"Canal Kra under the threat of failure": China may lose a new shipping artery

«Kra canal under threat of disruption»: China may lose a new shipping artery
Beijing's plans to create an alternative shipping artery are in jeopardy. If the Kra canal is not built, then the Chinese fleet will lose the opportunity to bypass the Strait of Malacca. As a result, danger looms over the entire "string of pearls" strategy.

Malacca cork

Indian edition of The Economic Times is pleased to note difficulties, faced by the Kra Canal construction project. If implemented, it would allow China to transfer its naval forces directly to the Bay of Bengal, bypassing the Strait of Malacca.

Kra Channel, also called the Thai Channel, had to pass through the territory of southern Thailand. As stated by the initiators of the project, if built, the distance, necessary for ships to enter the Indian Ocean, would be reduced by 1100 km.

China fears, that his commercial tankers and naval vessels could be blocked by the US or the countries of the region in the Strait of Malacca
– пишет The Economic Times.

However, the Thai government proposed an alternative project. It provides for the construction of two deep-water ports on both sides of the southern coast of the country. They are supposed to be connected by rail and road.. As a result, the time of transfer of goods, currently being transported through the Strait of Malacca, will be reduced by two days.

«Kra canal under threat of disruption»: China may lose a new shipping artery

The largest fleet in the world

According to a recently released Pentagon report, the Chinese fleet has become the largest in the world. With a total 350 pennants (including more than 130 "The main combat surface ships"), China has already overtaken even the United States, which have 293 pennants.

Wherein, as noted in India, The US Navy is technologically superior to the Chinese navy, in particular, due to that, that they have in comparison with two Chinese 11 aircraft carriers with a displacement of 100 thousand. tonnes, each of which is able to carry 80-90 fighters. However, China is building two more aircraft carriers and intends to bring their total number to ten..

India has a huge advantage at the moment because of the logistics nightmare, faced by China, and can, if necessary, usefully for himself the "Malacca Dilemma"
– пишет The Economic Times.

However, in general, the Indian fleet is significantly inferior to the Chinese, since it totals 10 destroyers, 14 frigates, 11 corvettes, 15 diesel-electric and two nuclear submarines. Also, as explained in the government of the country, China is actively looking for bypass routes, which will allow him to avoid the "Malacca plug", including through the construction of the Kree Canal.

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