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New project corvettes 20380 will receive the Zaslon radar complex

New project corvettes 20380 will receive a radar complex «Shelter»
New project corvettes 20380, the contract for the construction of which the Ministry of Defense signed at the end of August this year, will receive radar systems “Shelter”. It is reported “Notifications” with reference to the military establishment.

Ministry of Defense within the framework of the forum “Army 2020” signed a new contract for the construction of project corvettes 20380. Contract parameters were not disclosed, however previously reported, what will be built “about a dozen” new ships, most of which will go to the Pacific Fleet. The ships of the new series planned for construction will receive integrated radar systems (RLK) “Shelter”, capable of detecting stealth vehicles at a distance 75 km, simpler goals - no less than 300 km.

About, that the corvettes of the new construction will receive a multifunctional radar complex “Shelter” with the placement of fixed antennas in a tower-like superstructure, similar to the corvettes of the project 20385, previously reported. At least, such a complex is installed on corvettes “mettlesome” and “Strict”, under construction on “Northern shipyard” in St. Petersburg, and “Aldar Tsydenzhapov”, built at the Amur Shipyard for the Pacific Fleet.

corvettes project 20380 intended for operations in the near sea zone of the state, fighting enemy surface ships and submarines; for artillery support of amphibious assault forces during amphibious operations by inflicting missile and artillery strikes on ships and vessels at sea and at bases; to patrol the area of ​​responsibility for the purpose of blockade.

Earlier, Deputy Defense Minister Oleksiy Krivoruchko said, that the military department signed a new state contract for the construction of project frigates 22350 and corvettes projects 20380, 20385.

Meanwhile it became known, that small rocket ships of the project 21631 “Buyan-M” and patrol ships of the project 11661 “Cheetah” will be modernized with an increase in cruise missile ammunition “Caliber”. RTOs will receive 16 missiles instead of 8, and the patrol ships – 24.

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