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Foreign partners to help Georgia investigate cyberattack on Lugar laboratory

Foreign partners to help Georgia investigate cyberattack on Lugar laboratory
Georgian authorities together with foreign partners will reveal the names of those, who carried out the hacker attack on the Lugar lab database. And after that, the international community must give a harsh assessment of the illegal actions of the attackers against Tbilisi..

As reported by the "Georgia Online", this statement was made to journalists by Georgian Foreign Minister David Zalkaliani.

Talking about a cyber attack, Georgian Interior Minister promised to reveal the perpetrators of the crime to the world:

of course, we are not ashamed to name names, where and who carried out these illegal actions. Everything will be called by its proper names.
The Minister noted the important role, played by Lugar's laboratory in Georgia's fight against the coronavirus pandemic. He called it "critical and valuable" for the country. Zalkaliani stated, that the attackers intended to paralyze the work of this scientific institution.

Earlier, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia reported, that the Ministry for Refugees from the Occupied Territories, labor, health and social protection 1 September cyberattack was carried out. According to law enforcement officers, it was carried out by one of the foreign special services to steal valuable medical information, which was stored in the databases of the central office of the department and subordinate institutions, including in the Lugar laboratory.

Earlier, the former Minister of State Security of Georgia Igor Giorgadze argued, that the institution, in cooperation with American specialists, developed chemical and bacteriological weapons and illegally conducted experiments on local residents. The laboratory in Georgia is considered one of the many US military biological laboratories with extremely dubious goals in the post-Soviet space.

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