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Germany learned about Russia's capabilities to create military bases in Africa

Germany learned about Russia's capabilities to create military bases in Africa
Russia can set up military bases on the territory of six African states at any time. This is stated in a confidential document from the German Foreign Ministry, written by German media.

German Foreign Ministry document “exposes suspicious plans” Russia on the African continent. reported, that it is dated last fall.

celebrated, that Russia in Africa is promoting its interests through military cooperation with the regimes, many of which “are dictatorial”. According to the German Foreign Ministry, from 2015 year Moscow signed documents on military cooperation with 21 country, although before it was only about four.

The drafters of the document state, that Russia “guaranteed on a contractual basis” own the right to create military bases in the following African states: CAR (Central African Republic), Egypt, Eritrea, Madagascar, Mozambique and Sudan.

Besides, Russian military, where in secrecy, and where is it open, train the military personnel of African countries. Many African military personnel are being trained at the universities of the Russian Defense Ministry. Russian military companies are also training the military., in particular PMC Wagner.

At the same time, in many countries, not only the official Russian army is involved and is involved in preparing for long-term deployment. First of all, the stake is placed on private armies, eg, “Wagner group”
– the document says.

Also, German analysts say, Russia ranks first in the supply of weapons to Africa (37,6%), in second place is the United States with 16%, further France with 14% and China with 9%.

In this way, summed up by German experts, “Putin's Russia” gives African dictators security guarantees from “color revolutions”.

Some African nations perceive Russia “on an equal footing with the USA” – this is one of the main goals of the striving for “the former greatness” Putin's regime
– they add.

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