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Ukrainian factories made the final decision: the Tirex tank will not be produced

Ukrainian factories made the final decision: tank «Tireks» will not be made
Ukraine refused to create a tank, which in its parameters was supposedly supposed to surpass the Russian T-14 "Armata". As it turned out, this technique is more dangerous for itself and its crew, than for the enemy. There was confirmation that, that Ukrainian factories finally refused to implement “design” “Azov” (*extremist organization, banned in Russia).

For the first time, information about the project to create a new Ukrainian tank "Tirex" became known to the general public in 2016 year, when several Ukrainian media outlets solemnly reported this.

In Kiev, said, that this "miracle of technology" will turn all ideas about tank building, having made a real revolution in this industry.

The basis for the new tank was to be the Soviet T-64. As well as the Russian "Armata", the new tank was supposed to be equipped with an uninhabited turret. They even thought to go further and consider the possibility of creating an unmanned version of this armored vehicle..

As a result, not even a prototype was created., but the project remained on paper. The reason was a whole range of blunders, admitted in the development of a combat vehicle. In this case, “Azov”* continued to assert, that the project will be finalized and put into production.

Tank mass 39 tons should have been fired from a 125 mm shells of increased power. Wherein, as it turned out, problems with the stability of this armored vehicle could arise even when firing from a spot, not to mention shooting on the go. Simple calculations, as it turns out, showed a possible rupture of a tank barrel when fired again (shortly after the first) in a battle. reason – in steel grade, which was supposed to be used for high-energy ammunition.

Firing in motion would also lead to excessive loads on the rear of the tower and the transfer of momentum to the ammunition, which could detonate.

The tower design also raised questions. If it was hit from behind by a shell, even tangentially, it could come off.

And then in Ukraine they decided, that they don't need such a tank yet. Now point to the question of possible production “Tirexa” supplied Ukrainian factories: the tank will not be produced.

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