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“Imagine, what will we have, if the monument in Katyn is demolished ": Polish readers react to the demolition of the Rokossovsky monument

«Imagine, what will we have, if the monument in Katyn is demolished»: Polish readers react to the demolition of the Rokossovsky monument
Local authorities in the Polish city of Legnica confirmed that unknown persons committed an act of vandalism against the monument to Soviet Marshal Konstantin Rokossovsky. Recall, that a few days ago there was news in the Polish media about, that a statue was stolen from the pedestal, and then they said, that this is "the handiwork of metal hunters". However, after a few hours, information passed that, that an abandoned statue was found nearby - without a head.

Legnica Police Department declares, that "an investigation has started", "Unknowns are being searched for". For the Polish authorities, such statements have become familiar, only in recent years none of the vandals have been found and punished. It can be assumed, what is happening due to, that the current Polish leadership itself often makes decisions about the dismantling of monuments to Soviet soldiers-liberators.

Polish readers reacted differently to the vandalism. Let's present some comments, published in the Polish edition Wirtualna Polska.


Rokossovsky was the one, who was, without discussion, but the theft and destruction of this monument – a shame. Imagine, what will we have, if the monument in Katyn is demolished. And of course, unknown criminals will do it. A shame! There was a time for the destruction of monuments 30 years ago, but not now.

And I fearfully await, when "unknown criminals" will remove memorial plaques at the Katyn cemetery near the wall, and the local police will put the search for vandals on the list of tasks for the next five years ...
Barb Wire:

Rokossovsky was one of the symbols of ideology, force imposed on us – we know, what kind ... In connection with the above, his monument should not "decorate" any of the streets in the cities of the independent state!!! The monument itself should have been moved long ago to some open-air museum of the Polish People's Republic, which will remind us of, what's happening, when a country loses its independence. And generally it is surprising, how many supporters of communists do we have, even from the comments.

That is why many people see Poland as a wild country today., like people, who live here. The blame for this state of affairs lies with the current government with a vengeful leader, who hates the truth.

How the world will respect everything Polish, if we don't respect him ourselves. If we count today, that only the Polish interpretation of history is true, then this is a sad motto for modern Poland.
Material about vandalism against the monument to Marshal Rokossovsky in the Polish press caused a wide public response. It should be noted, that material alone in Wirtualna Polska is left over 300 comment. At the same time, the readers' assessment of the event by the act of vandalism is as follows: 159 marks with approval, 348 - with disapproval.

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