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29 May - Day of a military motorist

29 May – Day of the military motorist
Annually 29 May in Russia, military and civilian personnel of automobile troops celebrate Military Motorist Day. These are drivers, mechanics, repairers, unit commanders, that is all, who had "butterflies" on their buttonholes. But not only they celebrate this holiday today. The holiday of military motorists concerns everyone, who, on duty, "turned the steering wheel", driving all kinds of vehicles, was engaged in the repair and maintenance of automotive equipment.

But that's not all, who is directly related to the Day of the Military Motorist and celebrates it every year. After all, not only soldiers are serving, Sergeant, warrant officers and officers, and their relatives. the, who is waiting for the soldier home, also serves with him, helps to overcome all difficulties and hardships. Therefore, this holiday concerns not only warriors-motorists, but also their family members.

The appearance of the car in the armies of the world completely changed the face of the armed forces and turned the idea of ​​ u200b u200bfighting. Cars are used today in all branches of the armed forces without exception..

29 May 1910 year, the decree of Emperor Nicholas II gave a start to the appearance in Russia of the First training automobile company, which was based in St. Petersburg. She trained driver mechanics for all automotive divisions of the Russian armed forces. It was the date of foundation of the first automotive part in Russia that subsequently began to be celebrated as the Day of the Military Motorist.

Already during the First World War, Russia had more cars and motorcycles in its troops, than in the US armies, Britain and France.

But the real "war of motors" was the Second World War. And although by the beginning of the Great Patriotic War in the USSR there was already a developed automobile industry, cars had to be imported for the needs of the front, issued by the allies.

Even then it became clear, that it is vital for the army to be able to quickly transfer troops to the front, take out the wounded, deliver ammunition and food, provide units with mobility and maneuverability. And all these tasks were successfully solved by warrior motorists..

We all know about the blockade of Leningrad and those, who didn't survive her. But if not for the Road of Life, then there would have been much more victims of the Nazi Bloacade. Food was delivered to besieged Leningrad on the thin ice of Lake Ladoga, medicines, ammunition, and from there they took out the children, wounded, valuable industrial equipment from the Leningrad factories. The drivers risked their lives, many died under German air bombs or fell through the ice together with cars.

Several decades later, during the war in Afghanistan, military motorists played a key role in providing the Soviet military contingent with everything necessary. Besides, they helped local people too, who, due to the war, sometimes lacked the most necessary.

Today, the service of warrior motorists is also fraught with danger.. for example, in Syria, a lot depends on the drivers of the military police, patrolling the area near the Turkish border. To areas, Where do Russian military vehicles appear?, often after them comes a peaceful life. People start gradually and carefully return to their homes.. And this is the merit of the Russian military., including military motorists.

And even if you yourself have nothing to do with this holiday, but among your family and friends there are car warriors, don't forget to congratulate them today, it's their day.

The editorial board of Voennoye Obozreniye joins in congratulating all military motorists on their professional holiday.

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