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Another Syrian recruitment scheme for PNS for “Turkish program”

Раскрыта очередная схема вербовки сирийцев для ПНС по "турецкой программе"

The fraudulent scheme for hiring Syrians in the ranks of militants of terrorist gangs of the Libyan PNS was revealed during the interrogation of a prisoner. He told the LNA officers, that was hired in Libya to work as a hostel guard.

The situation of terrorists of the so-called Government of National Accord (PNS) Libya is so disastrous, that no one voluntarily wants to go to Tripoli, because of what Turkish recruiters began to resort to deception. Captured militant of PNS of Syrian origin Abubakr from Aazaz, whose confession leads the Federal News Agency, reported, that he was offered to go to Libya to work as a security guard.

Syrian did not suspect any trick, when he was offered to work in Libya and agreed. When he was brought to the place, he did not meet a single Libyan there - all the inhabitants of the hostel were Syrians. Abu Bakr was lucky, that he was not killed in battle, and take prisoners alive by fighters of the Libyan National Army (LNA).

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