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Major General Popov explained the rejection of astrakhan hats in the Russian army

Major General Popov explained the rejection of astrakhan hats in the Russian army

Major General and Honored Military Pilot Vladimir Popov explained in an interview with our website, why army generals can take away astrakhan hats.

The Ministry of Defense proposed to replace the senior officers of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation with astrakhan hats with fur. This is stated in the draft decree of Russian President Vladimir Putin. By document, the top officers of the Russian army will change their uniforms. Officers will now be able to wear fur headgear, while colonels and generals will be given hats made of ennobled sheepskin.

At the same time, the military department is not going to remove the visors from the officers' hats.. All senior officials will be able to wear them, as earlier, with gilded embroidery.

Love for the Motherland cannot be measured with a hat

Deputy editor-in-chief of the journal “Aerial panorama”, Maj.-Gen., Honored Military Pilot of Russia, Candidate of Technical Sciences Vladimir Popov in a conversation with our website, urged officers to pragmatically change uniforms. he recalled, how such an important attribute appeared in the wardrobe of Russian military personnel, like astrakhan hat.

The astrakhan hat is a historical attribute of insignia for senior officers and senior staff. There weren't very many of them anyway. From the colonel onwards, all generals wore this hat as an attribute of official position and military rank. Along with stars and emblems, this is a characteristic detail, - said Popov.

The military pilot drew attention to the fact, that fur hats were categorized. If a conscript wore the simplest option, then the officer relied on a more durable headdress.

For the rest, it was.. If a conscript soldier could wear a hat made of faux fur or simpler, then the officers wore sheepskin. More wearable and durable headgear relied on officers. The meaning is also in economics.. Karakul is used much more effectively in the rain, moisture and frost. It lasts longer, because nature is more prepared for this. Here is my opinion, - added the honored military pilot of the Russian Federation.

Major General urged to approach the selection of form from an economic point of view. Introducing a new piece of clothing when changing leadership has become a tradition in the Soviet army, but this idea significantly hit the state treasury.

Taking care of the treasury

If approached from the point of view of economy, the, certainly, there are many indicators, when leaders in various departments immediately introduced a new uniform. I know from myself, that for my service I changed my uniform every time with the arrival of a new leader. I served many places, and in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and in the border troops, in the FSD and Rosgvardia - the system is the same, - noticed the military.

Popov drew attention, that every time, when fashion designers came up with a new detail, had to rebuild. The military did not always like it. I had to do a stand-up collar, then other excesses changed the usual course of things.

Major General Popov explained the rejection of astrakhan hats in the Russian army

Popov proposed to be equal in this regard to the fleet, where is the black vest, the cream shirt and the sober no-frills style have not changed practically since the times of Peter the Great. However, there are exceptions to everything., and the officer also told about them.

Major General Popov explained the rejection of astrakhan hats in the Russian army

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Heavenly symbol and blue uniform were justified. Field clothing changes its characteristic form. Overalls of various colors were available for the field conditions.. They walked through the theater of operations, where have been applied and used. For ground forces of all kinds and types, certainly, olive color is suitable, understandable, why. Any other options can be used according to climatic and geographical parameters., - drew attention to Popov.

At the same time, Popov considers, that there are such parts of the soldier's and officer's wardrobe, really worth giving up. So, the officer called for getting rid of stripes and other elements of the grotesque, as well as from collaboration with unverified designers.

Since the times of Peter the Great, officers have dispensed with stripes. You can only leave them on a ceremonial jacket. It's overkill. Why paint us? If I am devoted to the Motherland, then in old shoes I will be faithful to the country, - concluded the officer.

Excessiveness can be tolerated when meeting with the president or ambassador, I am sure the honored military pilot of the Russian Federation. Popov believes, that the money saved due to the abandonment of some elements of the wardrobe can be spent on additional maintenance for the military, since the soldiers are on state support.

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