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In Poland, the largest US started teaching in Europe Defender-2020

In Poland, the largest US started teaching in Europe Defender-2020
In Poland started the largest in recent years, the US doctrine DEFENDER 2020, in which the US military will work to move troops to Europe. This was announced by Minister of National Security of Poland Mariusz Blaszczak.

We started the largest DEFENDER exercises in many years. 2020. They will be attended by 37 thousand soldiers, including 20 thousand from the USA
– he said, adding, that the first US military has already crossed the Polish border and arrived in the republic.

According to published data from the Polish Government Security Center, Defender 2020 exercises are not NATO exercises, and are the exercises of the US Army division level.

Their main goal will be to test the ability of the American army to transfer ground forces from bases deep in the United States to ports on the east coast, and then to seaports in Europe
– the document says.

As previously reported, exercises will be conducted under the command of the US military and will be aimed at developing the ability of the American army to quickly transfer from the US to Europe and deploy large forces on its territory, including equipment. As stated in NATO command, during the exercises, the US will transfer to Europe a record for the last 25 years the number of personnel and equipment. The exercises will be held in European countries and Georgia., the main part will be held in Central and Eastern Europe. Core deployment – in Poland and the Baltic states.

Throw across the Atlantic to Europe is supposed to be about 20 thousand military personnel along with equipment. The bulk of the exercises will be held in April-May., after which part of the American military contingent will return to the USA by July, and some will remain in Europe, as a deterrent “Russian” aggression.

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