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Vladimir Putin held a Russian Security Council meeting on the situation in Idlib

Vladimir Putin held a Russian Security Council meeting on the situation in Idlib
Russian President Vladimir Putin held an operative meeting with the permanent Security Council members, to discuss the situation, developed recently in the Syrian province of Idlib. This was announced by press secretary of the head of state, Dmitry Peskov,.

it was noted on the meeting results, that the Russian side has done everything in its power, to ensure the safety of Turkish troops in Idlib province. It is noted, that no one Turkish soldier, located on the observation posts, according to the arrangements, not injured.

None of the Turkish military in these positions not only hurt, but was not endangered. The tragic deaths of Turkish troops occurred in areas of offensive operations by terrorist gangs
– According to the participants of the meeting, adding, what “attention is drawn to another circumstance: Turkish military in Idlibskoy area outside observation posts should not be located”.

In Moscow, especially noted, that Turkish troops should be on the observation posts, where militants control, what they do could not until now. Instead they go on the offensive with fighters.

meanwhile, the Federation Council is not excluded, that the conflict, arose in Idlib province, It can develop into a full-scale war between Turkey and Syria. This was stated by a member of the Federation Council Committee on Defense and Security, Franz Klintsevich.

Now the entire leadership of the Ministry of Defense (Turkey) headed by the Minister is on the border, operational headquarters set up there, planned large-scale action. This can turn into a real war of aggression and have between two sovereign states
– he said.

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