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In Ukraine, we have questioned the power of the Russian assault to "take" Odessa

In Ukraine, they questioned the ability of the Russian landing «to take» Odessa
Russian paratroopers will not be able to land, since the APU have sufficient capacity to, to the sea in the event of Russian aggression withstand landing. This was stated by Vice Admiral Andrey Tarasov, First Deputy Commander of the Naval Forces of Ukraine..

According to the vice admiral, in case of Russian naval aggression against Ukraine, the Ukrainian military will not allow the Russian paratroopers to land on the shore and “to take” Odessa.

Will not take. We have a sufficient set of forces to, to repel the landing. But we must build such a strategy, so that the enemy could not even get close to our shore. And this is the task of this stage, which we are working on
– he said.

The main task, according to Tarasov, in a conflict with Russia, there will be opposition “enemy landing” and taking steps to, so that he could not start disembarking at all.

He must not step on land from the sea. And our job is to block access to our coast. Here is the gist of the first step. To do this, you need to restore the surveillance system, build up strength, who will deter the enemy, (…) We will return our right to the Sea of ​​Azov and the Kerch Strait
– Tarasov emphasized, while recognizing, that the Ukrainian Navy will not be able to achieve parity with Russia at sea by forces.

but, he said, Ukraine in the future will establish control over the situation in the Black and Azov seas.

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