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The company Lockheed Martin has defended the project hypersonic missiles AGM-183A

The company Lockheed Martin has defended the project hypersonic missiles AGM-183A
The American company Lockheed Martin has successfully defended the project promising hypersonic missiles aeroballistic ARRW (Air-launched Rapid Response Weapon), the development of which is conducted by the US Air Force to order 2018 of the year. It is reported by the press service of the company.

Военно-воздушные силы США и компания Lockheed Martin заключили контракт стоимостью 988,8 million. долларов на создание гиперзвуковой ракеты ARRW (Airborne Rapid Response Weapons). The agreement includes a critical review of the ARRW project, support of tests and preparation of the complex for production. Ракета должна быть готова к 2021 year, and the initial operational readiness – to 2022 year. According to the company message, работы идут по графику.

Компания не раскрывает подробности программы, known, что новая гиперзвуковая ракета получит твердотопливный двигатель и отделяемый гиперзвуковой планирующий боевой блок. planned, что разработанный компанией гиперзвуковой комплекс будет развивать скорость не менее 5 Makhov, что поможет ему эффективно преодолевать ПРО противника.

The first flight tests of the hypersonic warheads with air start system ARRW (also it has the designation AGM-183A), held in the US in June 2019 years and have been found to be successful.

Recall, that in early February, the US Air Force shut down one of the programs of development of a hypersonic weapon. As stated by the official representative of the Air Force Ann Stefanek, a reduction in the development of the program got “Hypersonic conventional strike weapons” (Hypersonic Conventional Strike Weapon – HCSW). work on it also led Lockheed Martin.

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